by grannycottage 01 May 2016

Here's my simplified version of the bag. As Pennifold and Queenofhearts,I prefer the zipper placed a little lower . I will do a test with a next bag.

By only 2 petals (without buttonholes), I could try to sew them directly in the hoop.


by mgregg01 02 May 2016

I like it, very nice.

by bevintex 02 May 2016

so pretty

by marianb 02 May 2016

Very nice version, love the fabric colours.. Marian

by queenofhearts 01 May 2016

You did a better job with the zipper on this bag than I did. Good work!

by jrob Moderator 01 May 2016

From Oregon patchworks. Please do not post here an altered version of the embroidery file as you would be in violation of the terms of the website from which you purchased this file. Read you may not change in any way.

"You may not lend, give or sell the files to anyone else EVER. You may not change, add to, delete parts of, or alter the files and then call them your own.

You cannot send them via email or by any other method to another embroiderer to be split or changed in any way.

Any alteration requests should be directed to and will be forwarded to the owner of the copyright.

Other specific copyright policies of the individual copyright owner may be included in the download and will supersede the policies listed in this document."

bejoscha by bejoscha 02 May 2016

Generally good comment, but do I overlooked something? Any reason for this comment here?

mops by mops 02 May 2016

The "simplification" grannycottage mentioned was leaving out the larger of 3 flower parts - which is one of 3 loose parts of the 3D flower that are fastened to the purse by a button through button holes in each part. Which would not be copyright infringement in my idea, you can button on as many or as few parts as you want to.
She mentioned moving the zipper - that would be altering the design - and stitching the smaller parts directly onto the fabric.
I wonder whether they would object to using the 3D flower on other objects than the purse; that might be worth asking them.

grannycottage by grannycottage 02 May 2016

I'm surprised the comment. Maybe I misspoke myself but English is not my native language.
I have asked that 2 petals (and I see no problem) because I had trouble with the machine embroidery. And I think it's allowed me to sew as it suits me best.
And to move the zipper,it was just a suggestion to return the bag more easily.
I would never have allowed me to present the result of a design(or file) change.
Good evening to all the cuties.

bejoscha by bejoscha 02 May 2016

While copyright is an important issue, I think the comment was indeed unnecessary here.
I wouldn't see ANY copyright infringement whatsoever from GrannyCottage here.
When you alter a design during your own, private use (like done here) there are no broken rules!
The citation above does not contradict this: "...and then call them your own" i.e: You may NOT "call it your own" and share it further (neither 'sold' nor 'for free').
There might be different rules if you want to SELL the product (not copyright, but licensing), or if you in any other way claim that this is 'your' work or use it commercially etc. but unless there a very, very special contracts (which does not seem the case) changing a bought design to your own needs for private use is not infringing on anybody’s rights.

bevintex by bevintex 02 May 2016

Thank you

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 03 May 2016

I see no problem with copyright infringement if you make small changes for your own use and do not claim it to be your own work.

by lbrow 01 May 2016

Love your colors/Lillian

by liliana1 01 May 2016

Another great bag very well done

by pldc 01 May 2016

another terrific version of this bag!~hugs~

by ethan 01 May 2016

All these bags are lovely, I have bought the pattern and will get around to making it one of these days. I am enjoying seeing all the different colours that people are making. I would have liked the zip a little lower and I think the smaller flower is what I will use. G

by crazypatchmama 01 May 2016

Looks good.