by sewtired 27 Dec 2015

More of Dragonflyer (AKA Kim) 's Christmas penguins.


by dreamssewn 04 Oct 2016

How can I contact dragonflyer? I too would like the pattern to make some. Thanks ~ Sandie

by pyingling 03 Oct 2016

They are sooo cute would love to have the pattern.

by peafarm 02 Oct 2016

So cute--I love their faces. I have my materials gathered in one place [since last year] I promised Kim I'd get it stitched out. Just need that great push to make me pull everything out and have a quiet day to stitch. These are so adorable.

by Abbygail 02 Oct 2016

OH MY GOSH ! These are so cute !

by shilpabob 02 Oct 2016

These are lovely well done,i would like to make some Please,have you got the site you purchased them from.thanks in advance x

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zoefzoef by zoefzoef 02 Oct 2016

The pinguins are a creation of one of our members here at cute : Dragonflyer. You might can ask her for the pattern.

by bejoscha 30 Dec 2015

So cute

by dragonflyer 29 Dec 2015

Great job...glad you enjoyed making them...hope they were a hit!

sewtired by sewtired 29 Dec 2015

Thanks so much for the designs Kim. I have enjoyed making them. I'm almost finished with the last 2 I had planned, but I doubt they will be the very last. The others have all been sent away, and I've had no feedback yet, but I'm sure they will be loved.

vodnivila by vodnivila 30 Dec 2015

They are soo cute, how can I get them. Please

by pldc 28 Dec 2015

terrific job ~hugs~

by lucy12345 28 Dec 2015

Very nice!!

by pennifold 28 Dec 2015

They look wonderful, well done. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 28 Dec 2015

Super Collection!!!!Well done...Gorgeous

by Leaha 27 Dec 2015

These as cute as the rest I've seen posted. Great job to both of you, Kim you are so talented.

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sewtired by sewtired 27 Dec 2015

Isn't she though!

by katydid 27 Dec 2015

These are so cute!. I'll bet they are addictive! Kay

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sewtired by sewtired 27 Dec 2015

They are, I'm getting ready to make a couple more.

by noah 27 Dec 2015

they look awesome oh i love your green grass mine is white and -20 tonight hugs

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sewtired by sewtired 27 Dec 2015

We've had a "norther" blow in and it's supposed to drop to 40 tonight. I don't mind as long as it doesn't freeze, and I can even handle that, but I worry about my plants. However, -20 I think would be a bit harder to put up with. Stay warm please

by sewtired edited 28 Dec 2015

Thank you Kim, I'm sorry I'm so slow to get these posted. The top picture are the last two I made and got out before Christmas, barely. The middle picture is the front of the first one I made before Thanksgiving. I was trying to make it more of a toy than an ornament, so I played with the back to give it a little more depth, see the side view (bottom picture). I poofed out the bottom of the backing instead of sewing it flat against the front. I ended up stitching a triangle of fleece, by hand, to the bottom. I have a better idea for doing that now without adding the triangle, but I haven't tried it yet. I made 4 others in between, but forgot to take a picture before sending them on their way. The first is the only one I did with a poofed back. Now if I could just get a copy of the pattern for those snowballs!