by queenofhearts 05 Aug 2015

My newest key fobs. The vacation one is going on my luggage to make it easier to spot my bag on the luggage carousel.


by dollygk 07 Aug 2023

Hi there, these are super cute and will most likely be swiped or cut off. Great job stitching out... I have done many luggage tags and these have stood up to several trips to the states and back. Tags with names are unwanted... I did loose only one over the years.... I always check that the elastic is still good before each trip and carry an extra in your putse so that if you use a porter he can see what to look for!!

by basketkase 06 Aug 2023

These are terrific!

by Kuffy 06 Aug 2023

Super !

by bevintex 07 Aug 2015

I found the vacation freebie

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noah by noah 07 Aug 2023

Oh i miss Bev.:(:(

by ramona 07 Aug 2015

That would be perfect on the luggage. Great job

by NancyBT10 07 Aug 2015

I love your new fobs. Of course, I am partial to dogs and vacations! I sent you a PM.

by noah 06 Aug 2015

love the vacation one hugs

by decojo 06 Aug 2015

Beautiful designs ~ very nicely done! Joyce

by justsew 06 Aug 2015

These are fantastic. I have been looking for the dog one , but can not see it . Hugs Pam

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queenofhearts by queenofhearts 06 Aug 2015 It is a freebie. Type dog in the search box on the freebie page, that is how I found it.

by queenofhearts 05 Aug 2015

Thanks to all for your kind words.

by loriziegler 05 Aug 2015

These turned out sew cute!!

by pennifold 05 Aug 2015

They look wonderful, well done. Love Chris

by sewdeb 05 Aug 2015

These are very nice! Great job!

by pldc 05 Aug 2015

terrific & can you tell me where they come rom please. ~hugs~

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 05 Aug 2015

The dog one is from and I thought the vacation one was too but now I can't find it there so I don't know where it came from. Both were just regular designs that I added tabs to.

pldc by pldc 06 Aug 2015

oh good idea thanks

by lbrow 05 Aug 2015

Very nice! /Lillian

by basketkase 05 Aug 2015

These are great!!

by sonjapotgieter 05 Aug 2015

Awesome tags..Well done

by bevintex 05 Aug 2015

A great way to keep track of your luggage and a cute dog fob too