by spendlove 17 Jul 2015

I'd stitched this picture of a local church with no particular plan as to what I'd do with it. The Church Fete is next week and raffle prizes are needed, so I turned it into a cushion by applying it to a plain background with a rope edged frame.

The church is unusual in that it has a chimney stack, hence the unusual angle for the photograph. The design is Sfumato and looks better from a distance than close up.


by pennyhal2 07 Oct 2017

What a fabulous idea to preserve a photo of this church and make a pillow out of it. I'm sure that people who have lived in the area a long time will appreciate your efforts. Lovely stitchout!

by asterixsew Moderator 07 Oct 2017

As ever great work Sue. Took me a while to work out why I didn't comment when you posted then realised it was as we moved

by koosje 07 Oct 2017


by sonjapotgieter 18 Jul 2015

Stunning design and work done...Well done

by vickiannette 17 Jul 2015

lovely idea and great raffle prize

by jrob Moderator 17 Jul 2015

I'd buy it!

by Leaha 17 Jul 2015

This is beautiful. Hope the raffle is a huge success. Love the treatment you have given this.

by noah 17 Jul 2015

Awesome job Sue hugs

by lbrow 17 Jul 2015

Looks great!. It should sell well/Lillian

by pennifold 17 Jul 2015

It's so beautiful Sue, I love Sfumato work. I hope it makes lots of money for the raffle. Love Chris

by pldc 17 Jul 2015

Wow Sue this is amazing! You did a fantastic job on this!~hugs~

by carolpountney 17 Jul 2015

Beautiful work

by highlandermom 17 Jul 2015

A wonderful & beautiful one of a kind item. Perfect for raffle.

by basketkase 17 Jul 2015

Sue, this is beautiful.......incredible work!!

by pennyhal2 17 Jul 2015

What a wonderful raffle item! People are sure to want this. It is so realistic and the pillow frames it nicely!

by rsloan 17 Jul 2015

Perfect for the raffle - a treasure for sure.

by dragonflyer 17 Jul 2015

What a great raffle price for the church...

by tlp22 17 Jul 2015

Wow! Beautiful!

by airyfairy 17 Jul 2015

Beautiful. It will be a much wanted cushion

by designgirl 17 Jul 2015

Its is beautiful. The church will love it.

by rescuer Moderator 17 Jul 2015

This is a wonderful way to use the design. It looks perfect and I am sure will do well at the raffle.

by mechille 17 Jul 2015

That sounds like a nice thing to do with it. Smart idea. Keep up the good work. The church looks to be really old, is it? Keep up all your good work. I miss my machine :( it's in the shop again.......maybe they will get it fixed completely this time.
*4U. Mechille

spendlove by spendlove 17 Jul 2015

The Church dates back to the 11th Century. The village is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

mechille by mechille 17 Jul 2015

Hum... how interesting. Thanks for the info.