by chlo 19 Jun 2015

please help me find how to make a cap hoop. Directions were shown a while back and now I can't find them, TY Chlo


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by marfa edited 20 Jun 2015

assisting info for you

by haleymax 19 Jun 2015

Thanks, for asking this question. Now I might be able to get my ball-caps done easier.

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by jrob Moderator edited 19 Jun 2015

We drilled 4 holes in the corners then used a jig saw to cut the square out.

toogie by toogie 19 Jun 2015

jrob, what font have you used on your caps, please? I reduced the Victor font drastically before but don't know if I can this much. What overall size did your 3 letters turn out to be?

toogie by toogie 20 Jun 2015

I just reduced this design, but I'm not sure, if I have it small enough.....waiting for hubby to get back and make my hoop....

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by tfk edited 19 Jun 2015

I too followed the guidelines from the youtube tutorial jrob has given the link to!
It is pretty easy specially if you have the tool or facility to get it cut! :) here on Cute I have come across 3 versions including go ahead check them out!
If you have any problem or doubt just PM any one! Good luck :)

by toogie 19 Jun 2015

Glad jrob came to help, this looks like a great idea,although I haven't got mine made yet.

by jrob Moderator 19 Jun 2015

This is the one I made. You can see it on YouTube

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toogie by toogie 19 Jun 2015

I was just looking at the links this morning, something I need to get hubby to do...put it on the top of 'honey do list'-lol-thanks jrob