by mrskiki 19 May 2015

Here are a couple of screen tote bags for GKs teachers for end of year gifts. Hugs. Nan W


by Leaha 19 May 2015

Just has to chime in and let you know these are great. So you need a special need or anything? Thanks for sharing.

by graceandham 19 May 2015

Hey, everyone - this stuff ir really cute with your bug designs embroidered on it!

by babash 19 May 2015

Lovely bags something different.
My son has just finished replacing some screens on my house and asked if I wanted to keep the large new of cuts. As he said I know you will find a use for them.
It is nylon screening and I have embroidered on this stuff before with success.

by blueeyedblonde 19 May 2015

good job! very useful!

by kingmar 19 May 2015

Something practical that they can use - good choice and good job. Thanks for the idea. Will save and show to my daughter for next year. Too late for this year as the grands get out this Thursday.

by sonjapotgieter 19 May 2015

Great gifts..Gorgeous

by arlene 19 May 2015

These are lovely gifts. Love designs and material you chose.

by pldc 19 May 2015

Terrific job and thanks so much for posting!!! ~hugs~

by rescuer Moderator 19 May 2015

Well done and thanks so much for posting!

by connerj 19 May 2015

You did a great job - the teachers will definitely love them. :)

by dragonflyer 19 May 2015

These look great, Nan...I am sure the teachers will love them!

by joannmeyer 19 May 2015

Great job! And we love those Longhorns!

by pennifold 19 May 2015

They are great Nan, I know the teachers will love them. Love Chris

by lbrow 19 May 2015

Love them! Is the screen mesh metal or another plastic or what and is it difficult to embroider? These are really neat. I remember doing some hand embroidery on metal screens many years ago/Lillian

babash by babash 19 May 2015

I have embroidered on the nylon screening no problem. Got the idea from Embroidery library years ago.

lbrow by lbrow 20 May 2015

Thanks. I forget sometimes they have the nylon now/Lillian

by designgirl 19 May 2015

Great looking bags.

by decojo 19 May 2015

Fantastic bags! Joyce