by kingmar 18 May 2015

Have been too busy learning my Floriani software to embark on any big projects. However, here are some luggage handle covers done ITH that I digitized. Used the current Purple Heart alphabet (thank you Miss Vicki). Learned a lot, such as you cannot incorporate a design within the name of the name drop function(must be a font from the software), how to split apart an applique, how to add stipple, need to adjust inset on the satin stitch when using wash away stabilizer.

I saw the handle covers a couple years ago on line (quite possibly on Cute) and always wanted to make some. These seem better than tying various ribbons to the handles to identify my luggage on the airline carousel. So with summer vacations coming up decided to take a crack at it. The first picture is of all made to date, and the second is of the center one opened up to show the Kam snap placement, and also the backs of the two I made for my grands....the penguin lover and polar bear lover.


by cfidl 19 May 2015

Wow! Looks incredible! Excellent work especially for your first round and everything you learned is mot impressive.

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kingmar by kingmar 19 May 2015

thanks for the encouragement!

by pennifold 19 May 2015

You've done an excellent job on all of these, well done. Love Chris

by kingmar 19 May 2015

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement!

by Leaha 18 May 2015

Lovely, great job.

by graceandham 18 May 2015

Congrats on the Floriani! I love it!

by lbrow 18 May 2015

Good job!! They will be nice to keep up with things/Lillian

by pennyhal2 18 May 2015

Nicely done!

by noah 18 May 2015

Lol them keep going girly hugs

by sonjapotgieter 18 May 2015

Lots of work done..Beautiful!!!Great work

by pldc 18 May 2015

Well done & another great place for snaps too!~hugs~

by connerj 18 May 2015

You have been busy - They all look great :)

by dragonflyer 18 May 2015

Nicely the Kam Snaps for the closure...another reason for me to think about getting mine out of the bag after over 18 months and finally give them a try!

by laffma1 18 May 2015

Great collection. I love the penguin fabric, it is really cute. I also like that you used snaps for the closure. That will make them more sturdy and less apt to get stuck on things (as it would with velcro). Nice job.

by awesome1 18 May 2015

Great job--they're so pretty. Hope you all have some wonderful trips to use them/