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Posting for March 20

Here is the posting for the Daily Quote and designlinks,I will try to add more links and letterlinks later. hope you have or had a lovely FRIDAY. And I hope to meet you here again
it's updated ! THANK YOU miss Veronika for giving us the possibility to post links to other sites here too !


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Thank you.

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update designs

by pennifold 17d ago

WELL THEN HI AND.............................

P.S. Thanks for the links and quote, love Chris

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yesterday's updated post.

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Daily quote for March 20:
"Confidence, courage and determined spirit
are vital for surviving hard times. " Lailah Gifty Akita

gerryvb by gerryvb 17d ago

hope and pray everybody will stay okay, and if you cannot go outside well try to make some lovely projects. try to stay healthy and enjoy the day.

pennifold by pennifold 17d ago

We are fine. Our Prime Minister has asked us to be socially/personally distant for 1.5metres. He has closed the borders and no one can fly in or arrive by boat to Australia. I think a lot of other countries are doing the same.
My Anglican Bishop has asked us not to attend meetings, church services, Mainly Music groups for pre-schoolers, markets, etc. and to close the Op Shops. It's getting really hard for a lot of the elderly to get about and to go shopping. Luckily for Trev and I our shops are only about 300 metres away and the Prime minister is asking us to shop locally (which I do anyway) and to support local businesses as much as possible otherwise they are going to go bust!
Unfortunately for Trev and I we have had to cancel all our holidays that we had already paid for for the rest of the year - Adelaide and Melbourne in May for his 70th birthday. Our holiday to New Zealand in July and our holiday to Tasmania for my birthday in October. We have been able to reschedule, but we will have to wait till all this Coronavirus issue blows over.
I pray that common sense will prevail and that God will help us all get through this. Love to you, Chris