by pat111otter 18 Apr 2015

About a week ago, I asked for help with finding fsl designs of a rose. I was given websites, and the one I went to was Astitchahalf, where I have bought a lot from in the past. I got the design I wanted, but didn't notice, until it was stitched out, that there were quite a few bits missing. There was nothing I could do to rectify it, so I sent an email to them, but had no reply. So I sent three more emails, still nothing, so that was the last time I order from them! Not only did I waste my money, and most certainly my time, I am now left with a very useless design !!!


by topcat5 18 Apr 2015

If it didn't completely fall apart, look at it as a creative opportunity. I had a similar problem when stitching out FSL Easter eggs. One was lace but I didn't find out until I dissolved the WSS. I quickly placed it on my Teflon ironing sheet before it totally fell apart and found a piece of organza to slide it onto and let it dry. It stuck to the organza in some places and I was able to use small zigzag stitches to fill in areas I thought needed to be attached. Then I zigzagged the outline, cut out the design, and placed it on a card using Stitch Witchery. I would rather have had the FSL egg from it but I sent the card and all was well. Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and relax. You do have a rose design that you really wanted, and that's a good thing.

by pennyhal2 18 Apr 2015

I haven't had problems with their designs or site. You might see if you can download the design again. Sometimes they don't download correctly.

by jofrog2000 18 Apr 2015

I see their last post on fb was in Jan, so I would assume there is a personal problem that they are going through. We sometimes forget that these are not big company stores with lots of employees, but home-based businesses. Just make a note, and email ,or check the site every week til you see some activity. I can say that patience does sometimes pay off, as I waited almost a year to have a design fixed because of health issues of the digitizer.
I understand your frustration, but that's about all you can do right now.

by 02kar Moderator 18 Apr 2015

I'm sorry to hear this. It is very frustrating. I've stitched up several projects from them with no problem. I would keep trying. I was on the website last night and noticed it hadn't changed in weeks. That is unusual.

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Apr 2015

Annoying and frustrating. Hopefully you will get a reply soon