by bielie 15 Apr 2015

I am holding thumbs today, the N is nearly there. Thanks to all who voted for me. Have a great day, Lynette


by bielie 16 Apr 2015

Once again, many thanks to all who voted for me. Flowers for all. Will come back again to give flowers. Hugs for all.

by bevinoz 15 Apr 2015

28 now, but unfortunately the cat has over 200. Hoping for you.

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bielie by bielie 16 Apr 2015

Thanks for voting. Lost out now. Flowers for all

by grossfamilie 15 Apr 2015

Voted #22 on page 2 right now. Cross fingers for you - Maria

by cfidl 15 Apr 2015

Which N was that? I caught the F for someone...

by brittanycooper 15 Apr 2015

On the way now. Good luck.

by pacmp 15 Apr 2015

Currently at 133 and 15 away from the lead. Need lots of votes in the next hour! Good Luck!

by lilylady 15 Apr 2015

just voted!