by marysmithembroidery 14 Apr 2015

Hi everyone, I'm currently in the market for new embroidery software. I'm using the the program that came with my machine at the moment and I think it's time for an upgrade. Any suggestions, what software do you lovely people use? All recommendations welcome, thank you!


by asterixsew Moderator 17 Oct 2015

***** Please note this is a old posting and there has not been feedback from the poster so we don't know what she did***********

by bevhunt 17 Oct 2015

Hi I use Bernina V7 and am very happy especially as I found a fantastic online teacher called Carol Undy from Australia. Look at a few of her mini lessens on YouTube.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 17 Oct 2015

Welcome bevhunt and hope to see you here more

by mops Moderator 22 Jun 2015

I have been using Husqvarna software since 1998. With dongles, laege ones for the Embroidery Pro and vipPro systems, the usb dongles for 3D - 6D, a separate dongle for their quilt software and I've never had a problem with broken ones that needed replacement. The pro package offers a range of modules I hardly ever use, but you can't just buy the basic module plus the digiting one (you could in the earlier versions).
You really need to read the manuals carefully and watch their teaching videos or you'll be forever asking questions - I became a member of the 6D Yahoo group last year and am amazed at the basic questions that are asked over and over again - and the answers can all be found in the manual.
I bought Embird in 2008 and although that's far cheaper I prefer it for digitising as it is much easier to use. It does not have all the wizards that does things automatically for you (and which often needs corrections that take a lot of time) but it is far more consumer friendly than most other programs I have had a look at. You can buy all modules separately once you have the basic one and add extras when you might need them. Updates are free, upgrades may cost $10 or $20. Compare that with the $1000 or more that other brands, including Husqvarna/Pfaff, charge.

Think carefully what you want your software to do and see how many modules you need to buy to accomplish that and compare costs.

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mops by mops 22 Jun 2015

I now see it's an old question brought to the top. iI hope you have found what you were looking for!

by maggiecal 22 Jun 2015

Although Husqvarna may be on sale now - that is because the new version will be out in September. They upgrade their software every two years and if you own it - the upgrades normally run about $1100.00 USD (and they use a dongle which is made with much thinner plastic than it was just 5 or 6 years ago - if you have problems with your dongle it's $75 or if your dealer is within JoAnn they quote $150 for replacements). I believe in the U.S. they're at the point where if you buy now, you get this September's update - depends on the dealer and if the software is on sale. One of those if I knew then what I know now - I would've gone Floriani. But, the software folks who made Floriani (Floriani Embroidery Suite by G7 Solutions) software split with Floriani. The latest G7 Solutions software is now sold by Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine and that software is called DIME Inspiration Software. I haven't heard much about the new version from users - but would love to hear. Husqvarna software is decent - just staying updated is pricey and the dongle is REALLY a hassle.

by spendlove Moderator 21 Jun 2015

What do you need the software for? I use Embird, but my needs are not necessarily the same as yours!

by pennyhal2 21 Jun 2015

I use Embird. You can download a trial version to get an idea of how it works.

I'd advoid any program with a dongle.

by sandyqueen 19 Apr 2015

Welcome to cute Embroidery. Many talented ladies and gents here to help you. I got my software in 1999 and dealer 170 miles away. I am self taught and a lot of that is reading posts here and other embroidery sites.
My Bernina software suits me. You will find what suits you if you are patient. Would suggest trying Trial copies where you can. Also a dealer near is helpful.


by asterixsew Moderator 19 Apr 2015

Hi and welcome to Cute. You say that you already have embroidery softwear. What do you have and why don't you like IT? I have Brother PEdesign 8. It works well for what I want but if I spent time working on learning about using it I would improve my skills drastically.

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marfa by marfa 17 Oct 2015

Agree with you 100%

by graceandham 19 Apr 2015

I use Floriani Total Control Universe. It's pricey, but you never pay for an upgrade. It is awesome, and a lot to learn, but lots of educational material comes free with it - videos, etc. and good support. There's a lovely library of fonts and backgrounds, plus special monogram fonts and a library of free monthly designs that goes back about 4 years - 4 to 5 designs per month, so lots of pretty. I believe you can download a free working version to try that does everything but SAVE!

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graceandham by graceandham 19 Apr 2015

And no dongle!

by dragonflyer 15 Apr 2015

Hi Mary and big Welcome to Cute! Lots here use can be purchased in stages as you decide to...I have Basic Embird and the Iconizer for editing and viewing my designs as thumbnail pictures in the folders...LOVE that!! For digitizing I have Janome MBX 4.5 and it is very powerful and I find it very easy to use...I also have Palette 9 (same as PE Design Next)...I do not like it at all...sorry I made the purchase...when compared to the Janome MBX software I have found it takes four or five steps to achieve the same thing as with the Janome MBX...I find the Palette 9 very complicated to use...there is a new version 10 but I will not invest any more money or time with it. Floriani also has a new version of their software that looks really good, too...bonus with Floriani is that once you buy their software, all upgrades in the future are free...that's a big bonus! I am contemplating jumping in and getting the Floriani software in the future...Upgrades to both Palette and Janome softwares are pricy...and frequent...about every two or three years...Embird upgrades are usually free or a very minimal cost to upgrade...that is another great value. Good luck with whatever you decide...but make sure you can get some good support to help you learn it...

spendlove by spendlove 15 Apr 2015

I can't imagine trying to remember how several different packages work and here you are thinking of getting another one! I am in awe!

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 17 Apr 2015

Ah, well, I don't use the Palette software...I know something about it...enough to get by, but I do not like I don't spend much time with it at all...The Janome I love, but it doesn't always play "nice" with my .Pes format...has some bugs in it that they "keep fixing" with it can be problematic...When I get frustrated with a "bug" in the Janome software...I think about getting either Embird Studio...or all their upgrades are either free or very minimal costs...

SewMomma2 by SewMomma2 17 Oct 2015

I am so glad to hear some of the folks talking about their digitizing software. I run the Bernina software V.3. I imagine most of you are wondering why I haven't upgraded well I love the ease of use of the software and the upgrades don't really give me many new tools in addition I don't have a Bernina machine anymore mine broke. I have a Janome 11,000SE now and love it but I hate all the work it takes to get the design converted and to the machine. I was told by Bernina representative that they did not think the Janome machine important enough to make it compatable with the. jef format. I want some software that is just as easy to use. So not sure what way to go, probably not Pallette. I'm tired of paying so much for so little. The Floriani sounds interesting but how is it with ease of use? Also the Co. that made the original Bernina Software they still produce software that is very similar I think. Does anyone know anything about it does it support the .jef format? Oklahoma Emb. Supply used to do their tech support and they were wonderful but they don't do it anymore. Does anyone know who the Co. is that originally made that software. I've simply forgotten who it was??

by mrskiki 15 Apr 2015

I was in my Husqvarna Viking dealer yesterday and they had 6D Premier, which includes digitizing, for 50% off. Great deal if you want that level. Other levels were on sale as well. I love this software. Hugs. Nan W

by katydid 14 Apr 2015

You did not say your current software or your machine. I use Bernina Art 7 and it is more than I will ever master. It is so much more user friendly than previous versions. Kay

by Smokey12 14 Apr 2015

I use PE Design Next. There is a learning curve and it is a bit expensive. I like the photo stitch feature. I use it a lot for making applique letters for t-shirts for friends. I too am just beginning to digitize with it.

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by Sewmum1 edited 15 Apr 2015

I think quite a few members here use embird as you can add to it as you can afford.
I am using janome pro/mb, but when I say using I mean more like learning! I am very new to digitizing so am finding it has a huge learning curve. I bought mine used at a good price and I can still upgrade it to the latest version if I want to