by camylow 12 Apr 2015

well a couple of years ago my DH built me a lovely sewing room in the back area next to our bedroom...since then my grand daughter took it over with all her toys..i got moved to the garage /now sewing room.....I AM TAKIING IT BACK....I haven't sewed anything since i was booted out by stuff is in the cold room because there's no heat....its dark in there and I cannot stand being there anymore....I want my windows and french door...i want to look out my beautiful lawn....As much as I love her...I am no longer happy in my room.....So my husband is gone for 10 days on the Missionary work...I am repainting the room and moving everything around to fit my likes and house is getting an overhaul while he's away....Funny how we do things with extra time and no one to stop us....


by lbrow 13 Apr 2015

about all the toys Deanna, do like my Grand daughter, she brings the kids over here then goes home and bags up at least half of what the kids have and gives to Salvation Army, goodwill etc. Funny thing is the kids never miss them or ask where anyt hing went and their ages are 4 and 7 or they will be in 1 month/Lillian

by lbrow 13 Apr 2015

I remember how proud you were when you got that one Deanna. It's reality time, get it all ready for you and enjoy it while you can. You have to much talent to not be sewing, quilting all the beautiful things you do/Lillian

by cfidl 12 Apr 2015

Well OK then!

by raels011 12 Apr 2015

Can't wait to see some pics. Hugs Raelene

by lidiad 12 Apr 2015

Well done, Deanna! You deserve to have your own space.
Hugs, Lidia

by vickiannette 12 Apr 2015

Well Toogie, you could have written my letter ! It is quite difficult to concentrate when anyone [even one's hubby] is there watching, commenting and interrupting. Good luck with the move camylow.

by toogie 12 Apr 2015

I laughed because even though my husband is not 'in the way' he is here ALL the time (he is retired). I am more energized to do things when he is gone...I am glad you are taking your room back. I love my kids/grandkids dearly but I NEED my space. This is totally mine. Good luck with your endeavors and your husbands.

by sdrise 12 Apr 2015

Enjoy you painting and getting your room back..

by pacmp 12 Apr 2015

Enjoy yourself as you are doing all the hard labor to restore your sewing area and any other parts of the house you tackle while you are at it! Just leave yourself some time to actually be able to sew up some projects to show off once the hubby comes home from his 10 day mission. Enjoy, and be very careful to do things safely so you can then enjoy your restored sewing space! Pam

by graceandham 12 Apr 2015

Have a great time. Am contemplating doing the master bedroom in a similar manner - while he's away.

by Nicky602 12 Apr 2015

You go girl!!

Well done.


by 02kar Moderator 12 Apr 2015

You go claim that room back! Good for you! Just be careful and don't get hurt. And then have a wonderful time stitching to your heart's content.

by dragonflyer 12 Apr 2015

Good for you!!!

by lilylyn 12 Apr 2015

Good for you. Happy sewingx

by pennifold 12 Apr 2015

Oh! how wonderful Deanna. I'm so glad you are taking your room back. I remember when he did it for you. Take care of your painting arm and don't overdo it too much. Can't wait to see you back in there. Hope your husband has a wonderful mission. Love Chris

P.S. How is your Tea Shoppe etc. going? I thought you might have used the room your husband made for it.

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camylow by camylow 12 Apr 2015

My 2 year plan ends this year...I hope to have a huge amount of bills paid for...still looking for the perfect place to have....I cannot even walk into that back room...there is toys everywhere....