by suziequee 02 Apr 2015

Just checking in for a bit. My machine fund is doing well. Actually much better than I thought. Been looking at different ones and just can't make up my mind. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

And I love the new designs just posted. Super good looking.


by cfidl 03 Apr 2015

I like all the suggestions below. I can almost feel the excitement in your post. I look forward to hearing your choice.

by mrskiki 03 Apr 2015

You should go to the dealers and test drive different models to get a feel for the different machines. Each brand has their own special things. Also ask about previously loved machines. Hugs. Nan W

by graceandham 02 Apr 2015

Way to go! Are you aiming to get back into the machine business quickly or to get the "last (ultimate) machine you'll ever buy"?

by 02kar Moderator 02 Apr 2015

Yippee! It's good to hear your fund is growing. We all have our favorite machines and will tell you they are the best. But what is important for you is to do some research on what machines need repairs frequently and avoid them., What machines do your nearby dealers sell and who has good techs to maintain and repair the machines. Test stitch every machine you can and decide which machine is best for you. I hope to hear that you can find a good used machine (from a dealer) soon and that you will soon be stitching on it.

by Leaha 02 Apr 2015

Looking, dreaming, comparing are the frosting on the cake you are baking (Sewing Machine Fund) and the best part will be taking it out of the oven, (store) and eating up all the deliciousness of sewing and embroidering again. You also have the advantage of taking the time to make up you mind for the right machine for you. YOU GO GIRL. :)

by brittanycooper 02 Apr 2015

Joyful. Glad to hear this. I watched your problem and am so happy to hear how well you are doing. Giving me inspiration for a new machine.

by dragonflyer 02 Apr 2015

Happy to hear your fund is growing...

by jrob Moderator 02 Apr 2015