by pat111otter 01 Apr 2015

More advice needed!! My son, who is a brilliant artist, told me that I need to get a Wacom Graphic Tablet, then he will draw some designs for me, so I can transfer them to my PC, then get them ready to put in my machine. Does anyone have one of these, and if so, is it THAT easy ?


by twee 04 Apr 2015

I bought a tablet, a nice expensive one, and it collects more dust than anything. It has a learning curve, and I didn't have anyone to help me hurdle the curve. I wouldn't recommend it. You can buy lots of thread and other goodies for the price.

by dollygk 02 Apr 2015

Couldn't you simply scan the drawings then save in jpeg to open in your digitizing program, a lot less headache!!! Good Luck

pat111otter by pat111otter 02 Apr 2015

Im doing it the easy way! Eldest son is drawing the design for me, putting it into my software, and sending it over for me to do the rest! I havent a clue how he is doing this when he lives miles away, but hes done it before, so I have faith in him !!!

mops by mops 02 Apr 2015

If you have given him permission to service your machine from his (handy help with any problem) he can access your software too. Good luck with digitising the drawings.

by spendlove Moderator 01 Apr 2015

LOL - never that easy, I'm afraid!

pat111otter by pat111otter 01 Apr 2015

After reading all the above thread, Im forgetting about a Wacom. I spoke to my eldest son, who is a web site designer, and told me that I would have to get a larger size Wacom, and they dont come cheap! He said he will soon draw me the design that I want, send it through, and I can do the rest !!

spendlove by spendlove 01 Apr 2015

Much better idea!

cfidl by cfidl 01 Apr 2015


by asterixsew Moderator 01 Apr 2015

This is a question I have asked in the past.

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pat111otter by pat111otter 01 Apr 2015

and what was the result? did you get a tablet,? I have PEDesign Next. and can go on the Design page and draw something, and eventually get it to Layout etc., and can embroider it! But my drawings are diabolcal, so my two clever sons didnt get that bit from me! The digitising bit is beyond me, I bought John Deeres book hoping to become brilliant at it overnight, but I just couldnt understand what he was talking about, he might just have well been Chinese!! Anything else, I can cope with, but not digitising, and its supposed to be so easy !!!

by mops Moderator 01 Apr 2015

You can draw with the tablet, and many an artist does, but you'd still have to digitise the drawing. Some find it easier to draw with a tablet when digitising, others prefer a mouse to set the nodes along the different parts of the artwork.

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pat111otter by pat111otter 01 Apr 2015

Changed my mind after finding out the price,I dont need the aggro.involved, I do have a lot of patience but dont seem to have much trying to digitise, but thanks for your help anyway.