by sorval 24 Mar 2015

Hello Cute Family

today it whas 3 mohnts ago that i whas in the hospital for a new lung check
just before christmas my lungdoctor say to me that he see on my photo a scarf on my lung
today he have done a new photo and it whas all clear no scarf to see so it whas never a scarf
when i came home i whas so happy that i have eat 2 ice creams remember i love it to much lol
after that i whas realy realy cold lol
over 3 mohnts i need to go back to the hospital
i hope the same results as today
hugs Sonja


by lbrow 25 Mar 2015

Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Sonja I keep you in my prayers. Haven't seen any NEWBORNS out of you lately. Hugs/Lillian

by pldc 25 Mar 2015

that is wonderful news Sonja! I am very happy for you!~hugs~

by sorval 25 Mar 2015

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by dragonflyer 25 Mar 2015

Fantastic news, Sonja...

by crafter2243 Moderator 25 Mar 2015

This is awesome news.Now I pray that you will get the same result in 3 month. Hugs

by momac 25 Mar 2015

Good news. Keep up the good health. Hugs Maureen in South Africa

by judyoake 25 Mar 2015

That is such a relief - no wonder you ate 2 ice creams!! That's my way to celebrate!!

by sorval 25 Mar 2015

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by Leaha 24 Mar 2015

Hurrah!!!! So happy for your good news. You may eat all the ice cream you want. Prayers will continue in your name.

by pennifold 24 Mar 2015

Such exciting news Sonja, I've been praying a long time for you. I do hope your next scans are as encouraging. Love Chris

by devon 24 Mar 2015

Happy for you thanks for letting you know. Keep us updated!!

by katydid 24 Mar 2015

Glad you had wonderful results. celebrate!!

by pacmp 24 Mar 2015

Wonderful news Many prayers have been in your behalf and thankfully they are being answered. Continue to do all you can to help make your body healthy, rested, and strong and two ice creams is a yummy reward for such an awesome report from your doctor. I will continue praying that your body will continue on it's present course so that the tests repeated in the coming months will have equally good news. Happy dance time!

by jeanfoz 24 Mar 2015

Fantastic news, Jean xx

by cfidl 24 Mar 2015

Yeah! Good news and enjoy your ice cream!

by noah 24 Mar 2015

Excellent News Hugs as always Carolyn

by sorval 24 Mar 2015

thank you all very much
and all 10 re borns are real sweet they never give me a problem or a bad night haha
hugs Sonja

noah by noah 24 Mar 2015

10??show us how you have ten sitting their???or are they all in one bed???

sorval by sorval 25 Mar 2015

nope they are in a crib a bed or the maxi cosie lol
not 10 in 1 bed haha

by gerryvb 24 Mar 2015

great news, I'm happy for you ! Every reason to enjoy the ice-cream :)

by grossfamilie 24 Mar 2015

This sounds so good Sonja! Big hugs to you and please continue to recover so that you can eat many, many more icecream and chocolate and cake !!! How are your sweet baby dolls? Happy for their mom too
I guess - Maria

by jrob Moderator 24 Mar 2015

Praying for continued good news. Wrap up in a blanket and eat some more, you need some more meat on your bones.

by graceandham 24 Mar 2015

What a blessing. I am delighted, dear, for you and eat all the ice cream you want to.

by rango 24 Mar 2015

so glad to here that - yes it makes you very nervous when you have to go back to testing off and on - it is something that has to be done for the first year and hopefully it still shows nothing - usually once the year is up they dont test you as often - but it is necessary to make sure nothing shows up and if it does they can get it early enough to fix it again - but we know you will be okay - once you get your 5 years in, you are on your way - I took tamoxifin not sure that is the way it is spelled but I took that for 5 years - but it is so very good news - hope things continue for you

by sorval 24 Mar 2015

thank you all very much
i will do more FSL very soon lol
hugs Sonja

by tilde01 24 Mar 2015

best news ever. We're all praying for the same good results in 3 months. In the meantime. do some more FSL embroidery.

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Mar 2015

Great news dear

by 02kar Moderator 24 Mar 2015

Yipppeee! A clear scan is wonderful news indeed. Keep those clear scans coming. I think it was a wonderful way to celebrate with 2 ice creams.