by wider57 22 Mar 2015

My new "plant"!

What kind of seeds do you plant to grow kitties? I tried wintering over a diplodenia and grew a Boo instead :-)

Boo is growing into a very loving and kneedy kitty. He loves attention, cuddles and pets. He is still getting to know Mocha (the bear) and has a bad habit of poking the bear and running. Life is not dull around our house with those two.


by grossfamilie 23 Mar 2015

So funny - these exotic plants nowadays :-) Really looks more like a lovely little kitty. I love cats - they do have amazing personalities and always have their own way. Give your new plant a big hug - Maria

by hoplessnz 23 Mar 2015

check meowt

by cfidl 23 Mar 2015

Beautiful kitty tree you have growing there!

by sdrise 23 Mar 2015

I have a cat named Boo and he is all white... He chewed my plant too... I had to wrap the plant in cellophane to keep him out the imp... My plant looks like yours now. hehe Suzanne

by shirley124 22 Mar 2015

I just love your plant. You must have spent a lot of time watering and caring for it. lol. My niece's Granddaughter found a BIG bone, Lily reckoned it was a dinosaur bone and has now buried it to see if it will grow. I don't think she is watering it enough though. Hope my niece does not show her this picture. She would be green with envy as she wanted a kitten for Christmas and refused to open her Christmas sack as she realized there would not be a kitten in side, Hugs Shirley

by 02kar Moderator 22 Mar 2015

Ohhh, Boo is keeping the plant warm. How thoughtful. He sounds like he loves life and you love him. What a perfect combination for all (but Bear).

by graceandham 22 Mar 2015

If he is allowed outside, be sure to plant two catmints - one to look pretty and one for him to wallow all over.

by sbott54 22 Mar 2015

Love your humor. You gave me a nice chuckle this morning. Thanks. -Sandra

by draco 22 Mar 2015

You should patent your discovery. I see a great need for this. :) He is so Cute. Hugs. *

by Janus48 22 Mar 2015

Oh...surely you planted Cat-nip or Cat-tails??

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sbott54 by sbott54 22 Mar 2015

Illhave to try this too