by arlene 10 Mar 2015

Does anyone have a idea of something to embroider for Easter that would be fast to do as I want to do something for my friends at church for Easter.


by grandma6 13 Mar 2015

my Bible group like bookmarks.. sewn on wide wired ribbon.. so many colors so many crosses to pick from...

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by pacmp edited 13 Mar 2015

Sue Box creations has a beautiful Faberge Easter Egg with a Dove flying from it, if you wanted something different than a cross. This egg would really look fantastic with either and eyelet with ribbon or a floss cord added for using with scriptures or it could easily be used to create a beautiful card that the person could then frame, or whatever you would want to make this design into. I just love her designs and the ones I have stitched so far have always stitched out well and also have been received well when given as gifts.

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pacmp by pacmp edited 13 Mar 2015

meant to add the egg is a free Easter gift

by 02kar Moderator 10 Mar 2015

I agree with the FSL crosses. I keep a dozen or so crosses and different bookmarks to give out as gifts all the time.

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arlene by arlene 10 Mar 2015

thank you

by dollloversa 10 Mar 2015

I have always like the crosses. I make bookmarks with the wash away stableizer. I like to get fancy and put their initial on them also. Everyone wants one!

by bevintex 10 Mar 2015

here is a free Easter cross

arlene by arlene 10 Mar 2015

thank you for the link

designgirl by designgirl 13 Mar 2015

Thanks for this link, it is beautiful.

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by Sewmum1 edited 10 Mar 2015

I have used the free golden crosses from ageless embroidery to make a bible slipcover. The design takes around 10mins and the slipcover shouldn't take more than 10mins either.

You can find the design here if you don't have it already

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arlene by arlene 10 Mar 2015

thank you.great idea for bible cover.

by shirl4146 10 Mar 2015

FSL Cross... give them as is or add a ribbon to be used as a bookmark

mops by mops 10 Mar 2015

Exactly what I would suggest.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 10 Mar 2015

That would be perfect.