by mechille 09 Mar 2015

Question???? don't know forsure if this is where I should ask this.... but I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a 5x7 or bigger embroidery machine, trying to stay around 1000 or less..... my birthday is Friday and I'd like to ask for a bigger one than the Brothers se-400 that I have. Thanks for any suggestions, Mechille


by baldacchino 09 Mar 2015

Happy Birthday for Friday, mine is Thursday, we are 2 little fishes can't help you with machine as I have all ways had Janome, and there are a bit dear but good, L SHERENE X

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mechille by mechille 10 Mar 2015

Thanks.... Happy Birthday Thursday to you...March is a great month.. :)

by osueo 09 Mar 2015

Like others have mentioned---the Brother 770 gives you a 5x7 area. I have 780D but it does Disney and I got a great deal on it several years ago. I SELDOM do Disney---I have a Brother SE400---I love it!!!!! Great little 4x4 machine and great for travel---take one machine and it sews and embroiders!! The 770 you can find on for a reasonable price. And if you watch their specials, you can get it for a very reasonable price. I just checked and they offer and PE770 with "embroidery kit" (whatever that is) for $549.99 or so. Good luck and let us know what you get and how you like what you get. God bless you.

mechille by mechille 10 Mar 2015

I have the SE 400 and I love it... I've used the 770 and hate that you can't connect stright to your computer. The 400 spoiled me with that ability.. Dose the 780D only do Disney? Does it connect to the computer? Thanks for any help. I've tried looking at it online, but don't see that on there. Thanks again for all your help.

Patricia109 by Patricia109 11 Mar 2015

The 770 & 780D are very similar and connect to a PC via a USB. One doesn't have Disney & one does. I do not like the small screen.
Why don't you go to a couple of dealers??

mechille by mechille 11 Mar 2015

Thanks for the info. I found a dealer near me and am going to try and get that way soon. Thanks for the info.

by 02kar Moderator 09 Mar 2015

I recommend you go to all dealers you have easy access to and test stitch every machine (especially used ones) to see what fits you the best. Also talk to the tech because tech support for machine maintenance and repair is vital. I recommend the used machines because you will get a machine that is brought up to new standards so can get much more machine for a lot less money. Go for the best you can afford. I hope you find what you want and happy birthday.

osueo by osueo 09 Mar 2015

Great idea about the techs!!!!! they are some of the MOST IMPORTANT persons to KEEP HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless Y'all!!

mechille by mechille 10 Mar 2015

hum.. hadn't thought about talking to the techs. I think I'm gonna try and go look next week sometime.. after all this rain get's out of here. Thanks again for the help.

by asterixsew Moderator 09 Mar 2015

$, £, euro or ?

asterixsew by asterixsew edited 09 Mar 2015

I would also suggest that you check out what dealers have in machines that have been traded in for upgrades as there are some excellent offers about on pre loved machines. Both my machines were secondhand from my dealer and both came with a warrently

mechille by mechille 09 Mar 2015

Thanks, I thought about trying to check into that. Have a great day.

by tfk 09 Mar 2015

Well there might be quite afew options out there!
But let me share what i know....I bought a janome mc350e afew months comes with 2 hoops a 4×4 and a 5×7 (approx.) I am happy with my purchase. ...stitch quality is beautiful. ..seems to be very durable...well made machine!
A little expensive than the brother range but maybe you will find it worth the price!

Brother too has many options for 5×7 machines....for around 500-600$ I guess! Like the most popular PE 770 or brother designio series DZ820E which comes with 3 hoops!
Then there are ones with bigger hoops too but I dont have any idea about the price range and performance!
Goodluck with your search and hope you find the best machine for your birthday :)

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mechille by mechille 09 Mar 2015

Thank you very much. I've used the pe770 before... like it ok, was hard to get use to it after my se400... hehe Just don't know if that's the one I want or not....Thanks for your suggestions.