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by christracey ( edited 10 Mar 2015 ) 08 Mar 2015

free if possible...I've been invited to my uncles 90th birthday & I'd like to make something for him. I have seen in my travels embroidery designs of old men/ladies but don't recall the site. Would anyone know of any?

Or does anyone have any suggestions on what I could make him? He is the last uncle or aunt that I still have around...thanks.

I thought I replied to this...I have looked in Sew forum (for page 1) up to the tenth page & can't find anything as suggested by...bowlds. I do like the other ones of the old suggested mpo 14011 ....but can't get them. Thanks to everyone.


by mpo14011 09 Mar 2015

Here is one for the oldies that just don't grow up. Not free, but good as at 80% off.But the special finishes tomorrow night.

by bowlds 09 Mar 2015

Here are some, on page 1.

by bowlds 09 Mar 2015

Sew forum has some old people.

by pennifold 08 Mar 2015

Dear Tracey,

If he still likes to have a beer, maybe a stubbie can holder. They are easy to do and just attach by velcro. You could always do a nice design on it. Can't help you with the site though. Love Chris