by rsehorse 27 Feb 2015

Just have to share my good news with you all. My DH bought me a Brother Dream Machine. I am so excited. I don't have it yet. They said it would take 2-3 weeks. It's like a dream come true. I almost feel like I'm expecting again, don't know what my baby's arrival date will be. LOL Hugs, Susan


by mrskiki 01 Mar 2015

And don't forget she needs a name! Hugs. Nan W

by ansalu 01 Mar 2015

Wish you so much fun with your new baby :o)
I'm sure we see a lot of wonderful new projects soon...

by airyfairy 01 Mar 2015

Enjoy your new baby. I hope the baby behaves and does not keep you up all night!!!!

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by jerrib edited 28 Feb 2015

Can't wait to see what you create with your new machine.

by Smokey12 28 Feb 2015

WOW and congrats. Your DH is more than a darling. Your new baby is going to be a "big delivery". At least you have the 2-3 weeks to prepare for your "new arrival", It will be a "labor" of love when she arrives :)

by rescuer Moderator 28 Feb 2015

Wonderful news! Congratulations!
I am sure you will treasure her and she will love all the work you do together... I can't wait to see your first Project done with your new baby.

by pldc 28 Feb 2015

that's wonderful news Susan, Congratulation's ~hugs~!

by lbrow 28 Feb 2015

Ummm you are so blessed. that's gonna be a big baby to play with/Lillian

by arlene 28 Feb 2015

How lucky are you.

by camylow 28 Feb 2015

I am soooo jealous. You have an awsome hubby....

by jrob Moderator 28 Feb 2015

Oh, Susan! What will you name her?
How exciting, and a much bigger hoop area. I'm jealous!

by sdrise 28 Feb 2015

Congrats!! Enjoy playing!!

by kalamazoo 28 Feb 2015

Congratulations! Do we get to name the baby for you?? Boy or Girl?

by marianb 28 Feb 2015

Congratulations!! I'm going to the craft show here next week and are hoping the have it at the Brother stall, I am very interested in this one myself

by castor 28 Feb 2015

congratulation I am envious of all the Fun you are going to have I wish I wish maybe one Day I will be lucky too hugs Ursula

by vickiannette 28 Feb 2015

very exciting news, we will await some new projects.

by noah 27 Feb 2015

i looked at this baby here in Canada and it was 10 grand on sale for 8 ,it is hard to believe all it will do Congrats on your new baby lol hugs

by Leaha 27 Feb 2015

Your husband is a definite keeper! It's so wonderful of him to purchase this machine for you. It will be the fastest '9 months' you've ever spent getting ready for you new little edition! Congrats and enjoy.

by graceandham 27 Feb 2015

Congratulations. I got the smaller Dream Machine - the 2200. What I love most is watching it self thread (awesome) and self-trim (80 - 90% accurate). This saves so much time. I learned it pretty fast, surprisingly. PM me if you have questions or problems!

by snowbird42 27 Feb 2015

Oh wowwww i just googled the Dream Machine i have the quatro2nbut this sure looks like the Dream Machine and i am sue you will have a great time using all these wonderful features...happy for you...soozie

by katydid 27 Feb 2015

You must have put a bug in his ear as to which one you wanted. Happy for you.

by cfidl 27 Feb 2015

Whoo Hoo! Congratulations!

by blueeyedblonde 27 Feb 2015

Congrats to you (or should I say to your DH for being smart and getting it for you - lol!)

by dragonflyer 27 Feb 2015 will love, love, love it...lucky lady!

by pennifold 27 Feb 2015

Congratulations, I know you won't be disappointed with the Brother. Love Chris

by holly12 27 Feb 2015

Congratulations. Hope you enjoy everything you make on it. Arlene

by jen15957 27 Feb 2015

Wow, That's awesome. Congratulations!

by jerrib 27 Feb 2015

Congratulaltions Susan, well deserved.

rsehorse by rsehorse 27 Feb 2015

Thank you Jerri. I don't know about deserving it but I know I will certainly treasure it.

pldc by pldc 28 Feb 2015

of course you do!