by devon 26 Feb 2015

Well get got 8 inches of snow. I am ready for spring........


by camylow 28 Feb 2015

I am so very blessed not to have snow . prayers for all those in the eastern states. We have sun peaking out right now and it is suppose to be nice this weekend. Please stay warm and safe.

by noah 28 Feb 2015

Oh Devon enjoy your snow wait till you get snow like me ****no you don't want 6 feet i am sure hugs and lovely home :):)hugs Carolyn

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camylow by camylow 28 Feb 2015

Please stay safe and cozy....Prayers for everyone your way

by marianb 27 Feb 2015

Don't blame you!! but the trees look very pretty with the snow on them I love no.5

by justsew 27 Feb 2015

Very pretty . hope it goes soon.
Hugs pam

by mranderson 27 Feb 2015

You must admit it does look beautiful though. We do not get snow here and sometimes it seems we only have two seasons ,Summer and winter. Our winters are very mild compared to yours. Can only imagine how cold it must be. Hugs Marg

by Leaha 27 Feb 2015

A heavy wet snow forms a blanket of white, underneath which the earth sleeps tight. When it's time the earth will awaken from a long thirsty sleep, new little grasses, flowers and leaves. Baby animals frisky as can be. It all takes time and is part of bigger plan. Enjoy this beauty as each flake is unique, as each season and time has a use. Absolutely beautiful pictures, each and everyone!

by mlbell70 26 Feb 2015

Makes it look like Winter Wonderland, very pretty

by manami 26 Feb 2015

Beautiful pictures Devon!

by decojo 26 Feb 2015

Definitely a lot of snow ~ beautiful photos! Stay warm.

by grossfamilie 26 Feb 2015

I can believe you are ready for spring - but your photos look so beautiful and romantic - and your house looks so inviting. I imagine sitting some
lovely people by the fireside having tea and cake and chatting or just relaxing. But reality might be different - shoveling away the snow and trying to get into town ........
Hugs Maria

by osueo 26 Feb 2015

Gorgeous. Hope you have been WARM INSIDE embroidering and sewing and just enjoying the view. I am ready for warm and sunshine and spring and fresh grass and flowers. God bless you and thank you for sharing the beauty of his creation.

by lbrow 26 Feb 2015

Exactly how it looked here except we received 9 inches./Lillian

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camylow by camylow 28 Feb 2015

stay warm Lillian and safe

by cfidl 26 Feb 2015

It is so beautiful! My yard is not neat as beautiful as yours.

by sdrise 26 Feb 2015

Beautiful frosting on the trees but I am tired of all snow.... we have had feet upon feet. I am ready for spring....

by jen15957 26 Feb 2015

The snow is so beautiful when it first falls, isn't it. We've have had a very cold snowy winter this year. I'm getting so used to single digit temps, If it gets about 10 degrees it feels like spring.

by 02kar Moderator 26 Feb 2015

But it is a winter wonderland. I admit, I am very happy to be where it seldom snows. I do not miss shoveling or the brutal cold.

by jerrib 26 Feb 2015

Beautiful pictures.

by gramsbear 26 Feb 2015

It may be very cold, but sure are Beautiful Pix!!! Thanx for sharing, Hugs, Judy...

by graceandham 26 Feb 2015

Gorgeous, but I need to go grab my blanket. Love your "snowman" lights.

by designgirl 26 Feb 2015

Beautiful pictures. I second your request for SPRING!!!!!!

by mysew1325 26 Feb 2015

wow... looks stunning but cold..

by aleene 26 Feb 2015

Great pictures! You didn't have much wind, that was a plus. Hope that you didn't lose electric power, and your heat!