by pat111otter 24 Feb 2015

Do the cards for the Brother machines wear out? I have just embroidered over 100 names on denim using the same card. when I got to the last name, I put the card into the card module, typed out the name, and a message told me that I couldn't use the card! Luckily I have a couple more, but I wonder if I have overused the card, and it can no longer be used?


by kalamazoo 28 Feb 2015

I had the same problem when I didn't check the hoop size that I was copying to. I thought the machine had broken. Operator error!

by cfidl 27 Feb 2015

Yes they can beak down at a moments notice.

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pat111otter by pat111otter 27 Feb 2015

Thank you so much, I did wonder if I was over using it repeatedly! Must try and slow down a bit in future.

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by awesome1 edited 25 Feb 2015

Are you using PEDesign cardwriter, or PE Basic cardwriter? I think be bevintex is correct. If you had the computer hoop size set as 5x7 (for example), and hoop on machine is 4x4....this will happen. With PEBasic, all the transferred designs must be same size, or erase & start over.

awesome1 by awesome1 25 Feb 2015

I should have added that PE Design cards can be written with diff sizes at one sitting. Both Brother cards auto erase when you write a new design.

pat111otter by pat111otter 25 Feb 2015

Yes I am using PEDesign card writer. Each time the previous design was wiped off the card. I was putting the card in the module, writing the font on it, then putting it straight into my Innovis 4000. It was being used cobstNtly and I think I made have killed it off!! It will not accept ny design for any size hoop.

by pennyhal2 25 Feb 2015

I had a card for a Bernina that stopped working. Had to get a new one.

by bevintex 24 Feb 2015

you have the wrong size pulled up , it may be a 5x7 design and you have 6x10. Check the hoop size and you should see your problem, when you correct that it will work again

by babash 24 Feb 2015

Don't know about the Brother cards but on my Janome flash card It will only allow me to have 100 designs on it. It will tell me it can't load as I have 100 on it. All I do is delete a design from the card and there is space for the design I want to load.
Might be worth checking if Brother is the same.

pat111otter by pat111otter 24 Feb 2015

Thanks for your reply, I'll have to check up on this, and see if I can find out to delete some!

airyfairy by airyfairy 25 Feb 2015

I could be wrong but I think that a flash card is very different to a Brother card. You cannot remove anything from a Brother card. When I had a machine that used Brother cards I used them over and over again with no trouble.

bevintex by bevintex 25 Feb 2015

I think this is the card she is talking about
It transfers your designs to the machine from your computer