by sandyqueen 08 Feb 2015

Is it just me or are others who help people who have questions as bummed as I am. No acknowledgement that responses are read, and no thank yous.



by marianb 09 Feb 2015

I might not always reply especially if my answer has been give by someone else but I do leave flowers to the person how asked and to the cuties who's answers I agree with.. Marian

by lolly3 09 Feb 2015

Hi sandyqueen, I'm a bit blonde when it comes to working out how to move around 'anything computer'. But I have recently learned how to FLOWER people. So when I go into read any ones message I make sure to give them a FLOWER. Thankyou for sharing, and one day I hope that I too can learn how to put up pictures of what I have made. Regards Lorraine McNeill of Woodcroft South Australia

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spendlove by spendlove 09 Feb 2015

Lorraine - you just have to ask. It really isn't hard. Why not have a look through the excellent posts in the Q&A section which explain how to navigate the site?

by jobaby 08 Feb 2015

My father always said, "If you do something because you expect to be thanked, you are doing it for the wrong reason."

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sandyqueen by sandyqueen 09 Feb 2015

I don't expect thanks but would be nice to know they read answers. One post for several responses not too much to expect or blanket thanks works also.


by sewist1 08 Feb 2015

No it is not just you. I decided I won't bother any more unless it is one of the ones I know do reply.

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by jrob Moderator edited 08 Feb 2015

Please don't stop helping just because you do not get a thank you or acknowledgement. It takes some people many days to find the answer to the question or even their original question. Some don't know to click on their question for the answer. Some are just too embarrassed to come back after taking so long to answer you. We hear all kinds of stories. Let's help our fellow sojourners just to be helpful and not for the gratitude that we feel we should get. I was totally lost here in 2006, but was lovingly guided and it meant the world to me.

lolly3 by lolly3 09 Feb 2015

I'm still lost He He
But the light will turn on one day. He He.
It is just nice to know that there is help out there. Thankyou everyone
Regards Lorraine McNeill of Woodcroft South Australia.

jrob by jrob 09 Feb 2015

Lorraine, love to help fellow embroiderers or seamstresses. The best place to learn about this site is through reading the Q&A section.(above in Orange letters) Well, they are orange on my screen.

by cfidl 08 Feb 2015

I understand. I suffer from bad follow up myself. I recently started a journal so at least I can find a few things again. This is probably the case, the crisis is over!

by airyfairy 08 Feb 2015

A thank you never hurts - it is just polite

by Trish56 08 Feb 2015

My mum taught me, that a thankyou doesn't hurt anyone. Sometimes a simple thankyou means a lot, I have not been a cuttee for long but will always make sure I thank everyone for there help and suggestions, as it has been said if you ask the question, acknowledge the answer !

by bevintex 08 Feb 2015

I know exactly what you mean. If you can ask the question you should acknowledge it. It takes just a moment

by sllakin 08 Feb 2015

Yes!! That is why I rarely post anymore.

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graceandham by graceandham 08 Feb 2015

Come back!

by spendlove Moderator 08 Feb 2015

It happens - usually it is either newbies who don't know how it all works, or those who are infrequent visitors. Annoying though when you've made the effort.