by topcat5 07 Feb 2015

7 Feb 15: Need your help, please. I went from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 and from PE-Design v.6 to version Next. I cannot change the Pfaff .vp3 format to .pes anymore. I have Wilcom and Pulse/Ambassador but they don't open zipped files, which vp3 comes in. I've even put the Zipped file on my desktop and opened the zip and then tried to open vp3 with PED, Wilcom and Pulse and it doesn't work. I don't know what else to do. Even when I click OPEN in Windows 8.1, their menu asks what do I want to open it with. There is no way to add PED to the list and none of their suggestions work. I miss XP.


by topcat5 09 Feb 2015

Obviously I forgot to hit "submit" when I wrote my answer 2 days ago! I had said that the problem was solved. I found another embroiderer with XP and when she opened the file, it was empty. If Windows8 had opened it I could have save a lot of time. But I did find that I had already opened it and converted it and saved it to the Win8 desktop and really did have the design after all. Ain't Senior Moments grand? Thanks to everyone who stopped by and gave me a flower, and to those who responded. What would we do without our lovely cuties?

by sandyqueen 08 Feb 2015



by sandyqueen 07 Feb 2015

In windows 8.1 you can RIGHT click on the ZIP file. You get a menu and one choice is to EXTRACT ALL. Be sure where you extract to.


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topcat5 by topcat5 08 Feb 2015

I had extracted before I wrote Cuties and it still wouldn't open. I was so frustrated. Now I know that the design wasn't in there (see above) but it would have been so much easier if Windows 8 had opened it. Thanks so much for your suggestion.