by tlp22 07 Feb 2015

This lovely set I made using Ellen Maurer Stroh Animal babies design. Used 3 different animal babies to make framed artwork with the 3 verses of Rock-a-bye-baby.


by marianamin2003 18 Jul 2015

Absolutely beautiful.

by emanuille 17 Jul 2015


by Leaha 17 Jul 2015

Lovely! Beautifully done.

by lbrow 17 Jul 2015


by Shisha 17 Jul 2015


by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Jul 2015

That was a lot of work.They turned out wonderful.

by sailorgal 17 Jul 2015

tipp22, these look like they've been cross stitched. I did the old-fashioned way, but haven't been successful in doing it with an embroidery machine.

Beautifully creative, as always.

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tlp22 by tlp22 17 Jul 2015

It works the same way. I used aida cloth for the framed ones.

by Shyamala 08 Feb 2015

So lovely....I have all these designs but have not stitched. Thanks...great idea. EMS designs are very pretty.

by shirley124 08 Feb 2015

What a lovely use of these great Animal Babies from Ellen Maurer-Stroh. Hugs Shirley

by tlp22 08 Feb 2015

Thank you all again! Hope it inspires those who have these designs to CREATE!

by loosie 08 Feb 2015

Wonderful quilt :)

by pennyhal2 08 Feb 2015

Simply darling!

by sdrise 08 Feb 2015

Very cute!! love it Nice work!! Suzanne

by harleysville 08 Feb 2015

These are just so wonderful and special. I love her designs and I love how you used them. What size are your quilt square? Just beautiful.

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tlp22 by tlp22 08 Feb 2015

Oh gosh size.....It was a crib quilt. I just did what felt right at the time. Think they ended up being 12x12 or 10x10

by lidiad 08 Feb 2015

They are all beautiful! I have many designs from her site.
Hugs, Lidia

by marianb 08 Feb 2015

You have done a marvellous job, love the framed verses.. I only remember the last one not the other two

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tlp22 by tlp22 08 Feb 2015

the verses are running from left to right 3, 2, 1. I had to look it up along with several others to get one that would fit within the 3 designs ..Thanks!

by bemara 08 Feb 2015

wow, niedliche Designs, schönes Quilt :-)

by hagridsmom 07 Feb 2015

wow - they look amazing!! I've got them collected but not stitched out yet. She has such lovely designs. Thank you so much for sharing your versions - maybe it will inspire me to stitch them out. Has anyone done the advent numbers yet?

tlp22 by tlp22 07 Feb 2015

I haven't done the Advent numbers but they sure look awesome. Thanks!

marianb by marianb 08 Feb 2015

It's on my wishlist for this year

by pennifold 07 Feb 2015

I love her designs, have quite a few. These look fabulous, great job. Love Chris

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tlp22 by tlp22 07 Feb 2015

Thanks Chris, I think her designs are spectacular.

by 02kar Moderator 07 Feb 2015

This is so sweet. Well done

by pldc 07 Feb 2015

wow they are beautiful! this must have taken quite a bit of time to stitch them all as cross stitch does take awhile longer then reg machine embroidery! Well done!~hugs~

by brendalea 07 Feb 2015

Love these designs. Did you do them on your machine or by hand? Either way they are lovely. Happy stitching

by decojo 07 Feb 2015

Beautiful ~ terrific job!

by noah 07 Feb 2015

Wowwwwwwwwwww what awesome work you have done here an excellent job hugs

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tlp22 by tlp22 07 Feb 2015

Thank you so much. I did the framed on aida cloth but it was machine embroidery.