by designgirl 05 Feb 2015

Please keep us in your prayers, as my husband was rushed to hospital today after suffering a stroke. Will keep you updated when I know more in the morning. Thanks Lynn


by graceandham 07 Feb 2015

Praying for the good in it all.

by gerryb 07 Feb 2015

Continuing to pray. Hopefully he will recover completely!

by susiesembroidery 07 Feb 2015

May God be with you and your dear Husband as well as the family and friends. Be strong and know that He is the greatest Healer in the whole Universe - just trust Him. Saying prayers for your husband's recovery and healing.

by harleysville 07 Feb 2015

God be with you and your family.

by kalamazoo 07 Feb 2015

Praying for hubby, you & dr.

by jrob Moderator 07 Feb 2015

Lynn, I'm praying right now.

by grossfamilie 07 Feb 2015

Oh, this is so sad - but modern medicine care will most probably help him to recover hopefully almost completely. At least that's what they say
if the patient is brought to hospital quickly. In Germany we have special
"Stroke-units" in some hospitals. Wishing you both lot of luck and for
your DH the best medical treatment

by decojo 07 Feb 2015

You are both in my prayers!

by designgirl 07 Feb 2015

I don't have any news except he is in intensive care.Has had an MRI and Cat Scan. He is very weak and his speech is a little slurred still. He does have use of right arm and leg which I am glad of. Won't know anymore until Monday when Dr. is in. I will keep you posted, Please keep praying for him. Thanks Lynn

pldc by pldc 07 Feb 2015

always praying for the both of you Lynn. ~hugs~

lbrow by lbrow 07 Feb 2015

Lyn, I went through all this with my hubby last May so I definitely know how you are feeling.. Praying for God to give you strength and him to get better. Remember you are loved/Lillian

airyfairy by airyfairy 08 Feb 2015

Thank you for the update. Keep strong

by devon 06 Feb 2015

Sending you and your husband prayers. Hugs Devon

by gerryb 06 Feb 2015

Praying right now for your husband, his doctors & you.

by momofeight 06 Feb 2015

I will add you to my prayer list

by heleninca 06 Feb 2015

My prayers re added to the many going up for you DH.

by clawton 06 Feb 2015

Hope all turned out well for your husband. Let us know how things go.

by stork 06 Feb 2015

Praying that all is well.

by basketkase 06 Feb 2015

Oh sorry to hear this.......will keep postitive thoughts and energy directed your way!!

by airyfairy 06 Feb 2015

So sorry to hear this. Both you and your husband are in my thoughts.

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asterixsew by asterixsew 06 Feb 2015

and mine too

by juanitadenney 06 Feb 2015

Sorry to hear this, sending prayers.

by zoefzoef 06 Feb 2015

Prayers send !

by sdrise 06 Feb 2015

Prayers are with you! Suzanne

by michemb 06 Feb 2015

prayers going your way, hope for a good result,

by 02kar Moderator 06 Feb 2015

I add my prayers and compassion to the list. Please take care of yourself as you spend hours caring for your handsome hubby. We don't want you to get sick. Please keep us up dated.on his condition.

by cfidl 06 Feb 2015

So sorry to hear this news. I hope he got the BPA in time!

by pennifold 06 Feb 2015

So sorry to read this post have only just seen this tonight. Hope everything has gone well at the Hospital. Prayers for a complete recovery. Love Chris

by grandmamek 06 Feb 2015

Dear Lynn, So sorry to hear this. I have you and your husband in my prayers. Praying for complete recovery. Hugs, Mary

by gerryvb 06 Feb 2015

Hope and pray everything will come alright. Hugs and prayers are coming your way )))

by marianb 06 Feb 2015

Will keep you both in my thoughts and heart, it is amazing what the doctors can do now for stroke victims the first 4hrs after are critical to be able to stop or reverse damage. Keep your spirits up it will take a little while.. Marian

by lbrow 05 Feb 2015

You are both in my prayers Lyn/Lillian

by graceandham 05 Feb 2015

Praying that it was mild and he recoups everything. Praying for your patience in dealing with him, doctors, any temporary problems and issues, and for good sleep.

by Leaha 05 Feb 2015

Prayers are rising as I type this, more will be on the way. God bless you both and may He hold you both in His gentle hands throughout this challenge to you!

by jrob Moderator 05 Feb 2015

Oh, and your darling are certainly in my prayers.

by sadp 05 Feb 2015

Prayers for the both of you, hugs S*

by manami 05 Feb 2015

I'm so sorry to hear this. You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers.

by dailylaundry 05 Feb 2015

Oh, Lynn - so sorry - hopefully, it was mild stroke - will keep you both in my prayers - bless you! Hugs, Laura*

by pldc 05 Feb 2015

Lynn I am so sorry to hear this... they have wonderful support groups for stroke recovery & there may be one near you. Hospital will know. Prayers for you & hubby. ~hugs~

by aussiequilter 05 Feb 2015

sorry to hear about your husband ,I will send a pray

by katydid 05 Feb 2015

So sorry to hear. Prayers your way!