by wider57 04 Feb 2015

More pillowcases. These are for my great-nieces for Valentine's day. I used the Emily font from Swak Embroidery (it was on 1/2 price last week) to embroider their names so they won't fight over which case belongs to them. They fit on smaller pillows (13 x 20 inches) which are perfect for travelling or when visiting baba & dido (grandma & grandpa). I pulled the pillows out a bit so it would hold the band up for the photos.


by wider57 10 Feb 2015

The girls LOVE their new pillows - check out their smiles.

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brendalea by brendalea 14 Feb 2015

They look Lovely, the pillowcases too. Happy Stitching

by NancyBT10 05 Feb 2015

The girls are going to love their pillows! The font looks great with the Frozen fabric!

by harleysville 05 Feb 2015

Never mind. Just saw the name of the font. Duh!!!! Still love the cases.

by harleysville 05 Feb 2015

These are lovely. Do you mind sharing the name of the font or where it can be purchased? Thanks for posting. Know the girls will love.

by pennifold 05 Feb 2015

Fabulous, our little grand-daughters love this movie too. Love Chris

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pennifold by pennifold 05 Feb 2015

I just clicked on 7 zeros ladies! Don't forget to water the flowers! Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 05 Feb 2015

They Beautiful...Well done..Good job

by justsew 05 Feb 2015

Great work , I love the font.
Hugs Pam

by deegee 05 Feb 2015

Lovely work - they all look great.

by noah 04 Feb 2015

Excellent work hugs

by designgirl 04 Feb 2015

Very nice.

by loosie 04 Feb 2015

Lovely work :)

by pldc 04 Feb 2015

Frozen is such a huge hit here You will have made their day with these cases. They are lovely!~hugs~

by lilylady 04 Feb 2015

you will be the best auntie ever!

by greytgirl 04 Feb 2015

The pillow cases are lovely and I am sure your great nieces will treasure them!

by lbrow 04 Feb 2015

These are quite lovely. congratulations on a job well done/Lillian

by lidiad 04 Feb 2015

Your great-nieces will be thrilled with these pillows. Love that font, is so elegant.
Hugs, Lidia

by decojo 04 Feb 2015

Beautiful pillowcases!

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks. The girls (aged 5 & 7) are big into Frozen right now, so these should go over well.

by toogie 04 Feb 2015

Beautiful blues. The font is very nice and so are your cases.

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks - I really like this font and can see myself using it on many items.

by 02kar Moderator 04 Feb 2015

They will love them. You did a super job on them both

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thanks - they love when auntie makes them things.

by teun 04 Feb 2015

Sehn ganz toll ais

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wider57 by wider57 04 Feb 2015

Thank you