by tonilee 04 Feb 2015

can you embroidery on felt or is there to much lint and stuff so it makes it harmful for the embroidery machine, thank you toni lee


by pennyhal2 05 Feb 2015

I do felt coasters all the time. I never get puckers with felt.

by mi30kaja 04 Feb 2015

I make little mice Pincushions. I embroider a design on the felt before cutting out and stitching the mice together. Think people buy them just as whatever other than pincushions.

bevintex by bevintex 04 Feb 2015

too cute,love the brown one, I need to make some mice with an idea I have

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 05 Feb 2015

They are darling!

by tonilee 04 Feb 2015

everyone, thank you for all the information, yahoo it sounds like so much fun, thank you again Toni lee

by pcteddyb 04 Feb 2015

I embroider on felt all the time - just clean out the bobbin case regularly and you will have great fun!

by shirley124 04 Feb 2015

I love sewing on felt. You need to clean out the fluff from under the bobbin case often though.

by shilpabob 04 Feb 2015

Hi i use felt a lot,made some lovely treat bags from golden needles

by lidiad 04 Feb 2015

Love felt, I'm using it for my wall hangings without any problems. Just buy good quality felt which is a little thicker and stronger and clean the bobbin area before starting your project, as you usually do. If you are interested in seeing my wall hangings in Cute, just click on lidiad written in blue.
Hugs, Lidia

by clawton 04 Feb 2015

I do lots of pictures on felt and make bookmarks with it. It looks very nice. You might want to use a good quality felt.

by 02kar Moderator 04 Feb 2015

Dive in and have fun with felt. It makes great ornaments and bookmarks.

by sandralane 04 Feb 2015

I use a lot of felt, and make the designs into free standing motifs to be stitched on anything you desire. Sooooo! easy no backing turns out perfect every time. Also have made many childrens books with pictures and alphabet to match, so soft and children seem to love them. But remember to clean the bobbin area each time you do a project. Sandra

by asterixsew Moderator 04 Feb 2015

Felt is brilliant to embroider on

by dragonflyer 04 Feb 2015

Yes, usually don't even need a stabilizer...and like bevintex relays...clean that bobbin case...

by bevintex 04 Feb 2015

Yes you can, It embroiders beautifully ,just clean your bobbin area when done