by etui22 03 Feb 2015

Has any Cuties got a Brother Scan n Cut? if so, can you give me the length and side measurements? I have three friends with one and I like to make them a cover each.

Tried all over the web for a sewing pattern without much luck.
Thank you in advance


by etui22 04 Feb 2015

Thank you everyone for taking the trouble to reply and the kind ladys for giving me the measurements and the sewing up with seam allowance advice - I will post a pic when they are done. wish me luck!

by sandralane 04 Feb 2015

With Kazza"s measurements, don't forget to add seam widths. Those measurements are the exact size of the machine. Good luck. Let us see the finished project, I have not yet made a cover for mine. Sandra.

by shirley124 04 Feb 2015

I see you have your answer. Best of luck with making the covers.

by kazza 03 Feb 2015

The machine is
Width - 20 inches
Side - Top to bottom 6"
Shaping on the side - Bottom measures 6 1/2 inches
- Top measures 4 1/2 inches

by shirley124 03 Feb 2015

Have one but not at home at the moment. Will check measurements and let you know tomorrow. Hugs Shirley

by mranderson 03 Feb 2015

My daughter may have one, will check in the morning with her. it is almost 1am here in Oz. I am having one of those nights. Hugs Marg

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mranderson by mranderson 03 Feb 2015

I just spoke to my daughter and she does not have one in stock. And is not getting them in anymore. Sorry about that. Hugs Marg

by jerrib 03 Feb 2015

Not sure if this link will give you the answer you are looking for, but read past the picture of the machine. It gives a lot of information.
Hugs Jerri