by sewmom ( edited 24 Jan 2015 ) 24 Jan 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Split Ampersand wedding announcement on burlap and framed for my son and future daughter in-law. (Last name hidden for privacy.) I asked them about it before I did it because I wanted to make sure they would like it. (I personally prefer a more heirloom look.) I used the Newspaper font in my Master Works II software to do their names and date. This design comes in several sizes. I used the 5x7 and with the words added at the bottom it fit perfect in an 8 x 10 frame.

I used a tightly woven burlap. At least as tight as I could find. It was called Springs Creative Burlap from Walmart. I went back for more and they were out of the natural color so the runners will be a little less tightly woven. But the point is that the embroidery was done on the tighter weave and even with that weave the stitches don't catch evenly giving it a rough look. It's ok for this project because the whole look is "rustic". I would not try to use a detailed design with small intricate parts on burlap. I'm working on the MR & MRS pennant banner now. Pictures later.


by connerj 29 Apr 2015

Great work - the design, mat and frame go wonderfully together. :)

by de105 28 Apr 2015

Looks so nice.

by sjbrower 26 Apr 2015

This is cute... I'm doing something similar for my god-son and his bride-to-be. Thanks for the tip on using tightly woven burlap. I hadn't thought ahead to that, so you've helped me avoid a misstep!

by baydreamer 25 Apr 2015

Well done !

by sdrise 25 Jan 2015

Beautifully done!

by shuede 25 Jan 2015

Nice work! I just picked up the designs. Thanks for the information!

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sewmom by sewmom 25 Jan 2015

You're welcome!

by designgirl 25 Jan 2015

A beautiful treasure for them to have forever.

by sewmom 25 Jan 2015

Matching Bunting MR & MRS.

by sewdeb 25 Jan 2015

Looks great! No wonder they loved it!

by lidiad 24 Jan 2015

That looks great!
Hugs, Lidia

by dragonflyer 24 Jan 2015

Very nice...I am sure it will take a prominent place in their new home.

by loosie 24 Jan 2015

Love it :)

by highlandermom 24 Jan 2015

Well done. Looks great!

by lbrow 24 Jan 2015

Love it/Lillian

by basketkase 24 Jan 2015

Love it, Sewmom......what a treasure it will be!

by pldc 24 Jan 2015

wonderful job on the burlap, ~hugs~

by devon 24 Jan 2015

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

by sonjapotgieter 24 Jan 2015

Awesome...well done

by pennifold 24 Jan 2015

What a neat gift and it looks really professional. Love Chris

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sewmom by sewmom 24 Jan 2015

Thank you.

by evilsoft 24 Jan 2015

Looks great. If your using the self-adhesive board be aware it can cause white or cream to yellow.

sewmom by sewmom edited 24 Jan 2015

Thank you. Good advice. Do you know what type of acid free product we could use instead? Just staple or tape it?

sewmom by sewmom 05 Feb 2015

Actually I checked my board and it says it's acid free. It shouldn't yellow.

by Leaha 24 Jan 2015

This looks so neat for a wedding gift and shows when the new household was established...also serves as a hint in case he forgets their anniversary. lol

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sewmom by sewmom 24 Jan 2015

LOL. Good idea!

by noah 24 Jan 2015

Love it and so will they hugs

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sewmom by sewmom 24 Jan 2015

Thank you.

by elemausi 24 Jan 2015

Looks great with the burlap,

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sewmom by sewmom 24 Jan 2015

Thank you. It goes with their rustic wedding decor.

by toogie 24 Jan 2015

I have made one and plan to do another this week. I wasn't sure to frame, stretch over a canvas frame or make a yard flag. Unsure what fabric for a yard flag. I purchased a monogram flag for me and it has faded bad. It was the rip stop or whatever the flags are usually done in,too. Yours looks extremely well made.

toogie by toogie 24 Jan 2015

ps. what stabilizer have you used on the burlap,please?

sewmom by sewmom edited 24 Jan 2015

I backed the fabric with Kona cotton because the white stabilizer would have shown through. I sprayed adhesive and stitch basted the fabric to the burlap. Then I hooped tear away and used spray adhesive, pins, and a basting frame to keep it all in place while stitching. The finished item is mounted to a self adhesive cardboard you can get at craft stores. The frame came with the off white border. I always pick a frame that has plenty of room for all the layers. This one has the metal tabs you bend over in the back over the frame backing.

sewmom by sewmom 24 Jan 2015

I've heard of people using burlap with plastic coating for yard flags but I haven't done it.

by muflotex 24 Jan 2015

perfect for a young couple great job

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sewmom by sewmom 24 Jan 2015

Thank you.