by crazystitcher 17 Jan 2015

Disney Designs - I wonder if the Disney Company realises they could be making a lot more money if they licensed the sale of embroidery designs of Disney characters (with a small commission for Disney of course) to a company that offered those designs on-line for sale all around the world? It would also greatly reduce the temptation for people to buy "illegal" and which would in turn reduce the supply of "illegal" designs. Perhaps a group of embroiderers who know how to communicate with Disney managers could or even should draw Disney's attention to this, considering that the worldwide population of enthusiastic home machinery embroiderers is certainly growing?


by crazystitcher 20 Jan 2015

P.S. I am not encouraging illegal sales or purchases and would never buy anything that I knew was illegal, but at this time, I personally would not be keen to ever buy another Brother Disney machine when there is nowhere I, as an Australian, can legally buy Disney designs on-line.

by 02kar Moderator 18 Jan 2015

The Disney company is very aware of illegal use of their designs and will and do take action. They are content with the way they are doing business and I am sure the Brother company would not appreciate other people being able to sell Disney designs.

by mops Moderator 18 Jan 2015

You CAN buy legal designs on line, see link. Brother has an exclusive license for this. Only problem is they say the designs only work on their Disney machines. But I bought a Brother Disney card years ago that worked well on my Brother Galaxy and I could convert to hus and use it on my Designer1 as well when I traded in the Galaxy. I use the card now on a Brother 190D which is not on their approved list of models (too old?). It worked for me but unfortunately the cards are too expensive to take the risk of buying them when your machine is not in their list of machines needed.

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crazystitcher by crazystitcher 20 Jan 2015

I have contacted the staff at as I found my attempts to buy their designs on-line were unsuccessful - the problem they say is that they will only let you buy Disney Designs from them if you live in the U.S. - they are happy to let you download the free design if you are from another country - but of course the free design is never Disney - to me it does not make good business sense to restrict a company's sales to just one nation when they have the opportunity to make so many more sales to people in other countries as well. So, although I purchased a Brother Quattro 2 Disney machine in Australia, I still can't buy Disney designs on-line from because I don't live in the U.S.

by sewist1 17 Jan 2015

I alerted the Disney copyright people about a site which is selling Disney designs a couple of months ago and they have taken no action. The person is still brazenly selling them.

rescuer by rescuer 18 Jan 2015

Legal action can take months or even years. Most often, courts will take years to get though things of this nature. Disney will be compensated financially for their loss either way -- eventually. There is no way to tell if they have taken action or not -- yet. There are international courts that can take many more years to use in cases like these when ones life is not on the line.

sewist1 by sewist1 18 Jan 2015

Don't wish to sound rude but no one ever posts links to all these copyright judgements which we are told occur against home embroiderers. That would be a convincing argument but we never see them. It doesn't effect me as I don't like Disney designs and would never use them.

rescuer by rescuer 19 Jan 2015

Most of them are settled out of court. If you are really that interested, I could try to find the time to look up a judgement or two. I don't see the point though as most that have issues with this concept would only say, "That is only one (or two or 10 or 100) of how many?" So for me, it seems a waste of my time.

by sandyqueen 17 Jan 2015

This is the authorized site for Disney designs. Try here.


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crazystitcher by crazystitcher 20 Jan 2015

Thanks, but they only let you buy from them if you live in the U.S.