by marron1 17 Jan 2015

Does any body know if the designs on whimsical embroidery are legal came across the site the other day they have Disney and sesame street applique designs but not sure thanks for any info ....linda


by katmug 17 Jan 2015

:( Very sad as I have bought a Disney machine (which is more expensive than others) and I do not live in the US. I LOVE the Frozen designs but they are expenxive for just one design. :(

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rescuer by rescuer edited 18 Jan 2015

It is too bad your dealer did not offer you information on purchasing more Disney designs. I would contact them and request information on how to obtain legal Disney designs. Of course they are expensive. With Disney, you are buying more than just a are paying for the Disney "name" and the marketing they pay for when they make a movie.

by crazystitcher 17 Jan 2015

What's worse is that only sells their beautiful Disney designs to people who live in the U.S. - which is very frustrating for other enthusiasts around the world.

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katmug by katmug 17 Jan 2015

:( :(

by jrob Moderator 17 Jan 2015

The only site authorized by Disney to sell their designs is

marron1 by marron1 17 Jan 2015

Thank you my dh said to ask as we don't want to buy any thing that might be illegal .......Linda

nama2 by nama2 17 Jan 2015

It's legal to by them, but what about using them and then selling the item with said design?

asterixsew by asterixsew 18 Jan 2015

Without checking you can sew out the Disney designs but not sell what you have sewn. The stitchouts are for personal use only.