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by toet ( edited 17 Jan 2015 ) 17 Jan 2015

Well ladies I am back on Chemo again. I have decided to tidy up my files putting designs to the correct designer. Have found so many that have never been sewn out. Tomorrow I will complete some nice ones that I found today till I finish my Chemo, hopefully by mid year. Some gifts hopefully very different than I have made on previous years. hugs Heather


by vickiannette 19 Jan 2015

Hi Heather, hope this lot does the trick, and you do not have to face it again. xx

by tlp22 19 Jan 2015

Thoughts and prayers. God bless you on your journey to health.

by airyfairy 18 Jan 2015

You are one very brave lady. Great that you are going through your files and having a sort through. Look forward to seeing some of your work in projects. Hugs Sarah

by PeggyJ 18 Jan 2015

My thoughts are with you. Great way to use your time. Bet you will find some treasured designs that you forgot you downloaded.

by gerryvb 18 Jan 2015

hugs and prayers for you, and continue to do things you like to do with your beautiful positive attitude. Hugs )))

by sdrise 18 Jan 2015

Your in our thoughts and prayers!! Suzanne

by undecided 17 Jan 2015

I wish you a speedy recovery and positive thoughts

by anangel 17 Jan 2015

Heather, I will be constantly praying for you! The best therapy in the world is staying busy with as much strength as you can muster! One day at a time has always been my motto! Thinking too far ahead just bogs our brain! Chemo does a whammy on one's system, but take one day at a time and think positive!!
Loving hugs to you!

by Leaha 17 Jan 2015

Prayers for you on this journey. It is so wonderful that your children are willing to help you at this time. Their helping you is a compliment to your raising them right. Please let them help as it is their privilege and honor to be temporary caregivers. After all they are only returning the favor you did for them when you raised them. Reach for those high altitudes of positive thoughts as you are doing.

by rescuer Moderator 17 Jan 2015

Heather, you are an amazing woman! I will continue to pray for you. Your family will be thankful that they were given the opportunity to care for you. I am sure they learned from you how to take care of those in need. Try to see the good it does them to care for you. Sorry your husband has been retrenched. I am glad he has a job and the added distance to his work will allow your children to grow much closer to you.

by dragonflyer 17 Jan 2015

Hi Heather...sorry to hear you are back on Chemo again, but glad you have your designs and embroidery to keep your spirits are in my thoughts and prayers...think of how organized you are going to be...

by graceandham 17 Jan 2015

Heather, This news puts you back to the top of the prayer list! I hope all goes well and that you have strength, calm and a continuing good attitude as you face this new trial.

As for our designs, most of us have many we have never stitched out. I have been isolating myself this winter because I don't want my asthma to meet their flu and colds and I have really absorbed my time till spring at the sewing machine. There is such joy in beauty.

by jrob Moderator 17 Jan 2015

Heather, I've been praying for you. I'm happy that you are doing things that give you joy. You said below that you are the child and your children are the parents; as a child that had to be a parent to her mother I can tell you what an absolute joy it is to be able to take care of someone who is more dear to you than life. It is an honor and a privilege, so let them care for you. They are getting more out of it than you are. Hugs to you, Jerrilyn

by 02kar Moderator 17 Jan 2015

Toet, I am so sorry you have to go back on chemo. But what a model you are for your family and for us. We will be keeping you in our prayers for a successful outcome. Enjoy your designs and your organizing. I think we all get comfort and joy in seeing our designs and making lists of items to stitch out. I hope you manage to stitch all that you want too do this year. I never seem to catch up. There is always one more design to do, and another and another.

by momac 17 Jan 2015

Will be thinking of you Heather I had to watch my Daughter go through Chemo in 2000. She has been in remission since then. Love Maureen

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toet by toet 17 Jan 2015

Maureen, my children have now become the parent and I am the child, it is very hard on them, Your Daughter sounds like she is well on her way to a bright future,

by pennifold 17 Jan 2015

Hi Heather, glad to hear you are doing this - I did all mine during the first week of January. It's time consuming! I hope your next bouts of Chemo go smoothly for you. Love and blessings Chris.

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toet by toet 17 Jan 2015

Thankyou Chris you always know how to cheer me up, I try not to have too many tears. This week has been tough. My husband and all the men he worked with were retrenched just before xmas He has work now but its some distance away. hugs

by mi30kaja 17 Jan 2015

Hope all goes well with you chemo. Amazing how you can lose yourself in your designs and realise the ones that you have never stitched.

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toet by toet 17 Jan 2015

Gosh there are so many. I am sure the Chemo will be fine. thankyou for your kindness.

by spendlove Moderator 17 Jan 2015

Glad to hear you have such a positive attitude, Heather. You know we are all with you on the journey.

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toet by toet 17 Jan 2015

thankyou it should add a bit of fun to each day