by sorval 15 Jan 2015

hello cute family

i was not feeling good again a few weeks
but husband have make this photo from me with my new growing hair
Minnie is a part from my pj lol
hugs Sonja


by shirlener88 02 Mar 2015

Praying for your ongoing recovery. I hope you hair grows healthy and strong - so you may have it long again.

by sorval 20 Jan 2015

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by dilceia 19 Jan 2015

Dear Sonja, you look lovely with the new hair!!!

by babsie 17 Jan 2015

You look good and I prayed for your complete recovery. One of these days your hair will be long again. Huhgs

by lidiad 17 Jan 2015

You look good, dear Sonja. Wishing you a complete recovery very soon.
Hugs, Lidia

by lbrow 16 Jan 2015

You are looking good Sonja. Soon you will have a head full of hair. Sorry you haven't b een feeling so good. Like Deanna I'm praying for you to get Your "get up and Go back soon"/Lillian

by rachap 16 Jan 2015

Looking Good!!

by camylow 16 Jan 2015

IT LOOKS LOVELY,,,pretty soon it will get long and thick...Love your Minnie. Praying you will start feeling good enough to get up going
HUGS deanna

by susiesembroidery 16 Jan 2015

You look lovely! I hope you get fit and well again soon. I am so pleased that your Husband has taken this photo to show us how nice you look. Please take good care of yourselves. God bless.

by noah 16 Jan 2015

Love you new look .Thanks for showing us all wee Hugs for you my ole friend!!!Carolyn xxoo

by airyfairy 16 Jan 2015

Good to see you again. Love your top!!!

by sorval 16 Jan 2015

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by marianb 16 Jan 2015

Nice to see you again, your looking so much better. Thank your husband for the lovely photo. Hope 2015 will be a much better and brighter year for you and your family.. Marian

by raels011 15 Jan 2015

You are looking good my friend. Haven't heard from you in a long time

by gerryb 15 Jan 2015

I like your hair! I keep mine almost that short all the time! You are looking so much better...keep it up!

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katydid by katydid 15 Jan 2015

me , too

by pldc 15 Jan 2015

You look so much better Sonia! I think you look terrific you will soon be 100% better!~hugs Loralye~

by cfidl 15 Jan 2015

So sorry to hear you have not been feeling well. Are you better now? I hope you are comfortable in the summer heat. God Bless!

by olds 15 Jan 2015

Happy New Year and New Hair. Your looking good. I came out of hats
last May. Had the cutest curls in the back. I just had a bad hair cut and
all my curls are gone. It will all grow back again. olds/Maureen

by sdrise 15 Jan 2015

Great!! you are looking good! Happy New hair! hehe Suzanne

by shilly 15 Jan 2015

Great that you get new hair, best wishes for this new year for you....

by pennifold 15 Jan 2015

Wow! Sonja, thank God for answered prayers. It's always good to have your hair back and it looks very modern. I've heard that sometimes hair comes back curly, so when it gets a big longer it may have some curls! Looks like you are gaining some weight too and that's a good thing - keep on fighting Sonja. Prayers for continued health. It's great to see you on here, love Chris

by katydid 15 Jan 2015

A nice new head of hair. I had a friend who had straight hair and lost it and it all came back curly. She refused to wear a wig because she drove a convertible and said it would blow off. I keep mt hair short like your hair is now. Kay

by Leaha 15 Jan 2015

Looks like Minnie is happy to see you up and around as well as sporting a new 'do'. Take care of yourself and continue to get better, have a wonderful 2015.

by toogie 15 Jan 2015

Sonja, my mom lost all her hair and a lot of weight, due to a car accident her head was shaved. It was short for quite a while, but we loved it! The red shirt gives you a little color and looks good.Minnie Mouse looks happy for sure and I just love your slippers! May God bless you this New Year.-Toogie

by sorval 15 Jan 2015

thank you all very much
hugs Sonja

by jrob Moderator 15 Jan 2015

You look adorable!

by dragonflyer 15 Jan 2015

Lookin' good...hope you feel better....

by nonna57 15 Jan 2015

Looking like a real Cutie with your spunky hair. Keep getting better :))

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by awesome1 edited 15 Jan 2015

It's wonderful to see you out of a hospital bed and you look beautiful. You'll be showing us your ponytail before long! Congrats --so happy you are making progress.

by graceandham 15 Jan 2015

Hair is a wonderful thing! All you need now is a red polka dot bow!

by gerryvb 15 Jan 2015

dear Sonja, you look lovely with the new hair and the Minnie looks great on your pj too. Hugs , take good care ))))

by grossfamilie 15 Jan 2015

Dear Sonja,
wishing you much luck and health for 2015. You look so good with your new hair and I love the Minnie mouse a lot! You are so brave - wishing you a lot of happiness and take good care! Maria

by aussiequilter 15 Jan 2015

congrats on the new hair , and how cute is your Minnie ,,, take care