by elizabethak 11 Jan 2015

Help, been asked to make a quilt for my daughter's friends grandchild. Looking for things related to make-up(cosmetics), fashion etc. Don't actually know what to request as woman doesn't want the usual cartoon characters etc. I'd like to embroider some blocks and make some patchwork to go with it but I'm having a hard time knowing what exactly. Some suggestions? Thanks everyone. ElizabethAK


by tlp22 19 Jan 2015

From the needle of Anne has some great sets .
and a Alphabet to match.
she is also having a sale 40% off.
Great site and stitch-outs

by mrskiki 12 Jan 2015

Embroidery Library has tons of designs related to ladies, accessories.

by powagrl 11 Jan 2015

Abby Designs has some very pretty free designs that you might like. Click on Freebies on the left & then on the next page you will find some designs to download. While there, click on the words Pink and Mauve in the top left corner to open a page of cute designs for girls. Look around the site as there are many nice free designs.
Designs by Sick also has some designs for girls:
There are also more designs that are listed under Accessories when you do a search on the site.

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by spendlove Moderator edited 11 Jan 2015

Handbags and shoes could be good - there are quite a few suitable redwork designs under the Designs tab.

by dollygk 11 Jan 2015

It's a shame that DBC is down, I made a quilt for my grand daughter with the "Girly Things" embroidered on flannel, Perhaps you saved those designs? Good Luck

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elizabethak by elizabethak 11 Jan 2015

Real pity and no I never downloaded as I didn't have a project in mind. Thank you anyway