by twee 06 Jan 2015

Help, I have three of the sweetest seven year old granddaughters who I am making quilts for this year. One has requested a Ballerina quilt. Do you have any ideas? I would like to do some embroidery ballerinas. Do yo have any suggestions for quilt ideas and designs I could purchase. Thanks in advance.


by kezza2sew 08 Jan 2015

Just a thought: why not type in 'ballerina quilt' into Google and click on Images under where you type after the word Web...ou arh such lovely ideas come up in all the photos of different quilts....

by micntip 07 Jan 2015

Sorry, didn't work the first time. Here is the Ballet Quilt picture.

by micntip 07 Jan 2015

I used the stick figure ballerinas from EmbroideryDK and made a rag quilt. I am trying to add an image and a link. Hope it works.

by baydreamer 06 Jan 2015

If you can find Anita Goodesign called Baby Ballerina Bears, is the cutest ever!

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graceandham by graceandham 06 Jan 2015

She beat me to it! They are precious. All the ballet positions. Cute stitched in fleece - they are applique.

by maymal2 06 Jan 2015

I used the ballerinas from Bunnycup. They worked great. My granddaughter loved the quilt.

by shilpabob 06 Jan 2015

needle of ann ,have some lovely ballerina designs

by toetoe 06 Jan 2015

I think this set is the most beautiful of all.

by annsown 06 Jan 2015

Take a look at Sew Forum...Joannine did a set of 10... link to page 1 and click to see the rest.;t=108478&hilit=ballet+dancers

annsown by annsown 06 Jan 2015

Sorry, my link doesn't work... go to sewforum and search for ballet dancers and then go to page 1...hope this works...

marianb by marianb 07 Jan 2015

you place it in search bar top left, this will take you straight to them

by eleen 06 Jan 2015

I just love the little ballerina designs from The Needle of Anne. Perhaps they might be what you have in mind.

by gjemptynester 06 Jan 2015

I would suggest a crazy quilt design. So many of the embroidery designs I have collected are too small to make a whole block, but those designs would be perfect on a crazy quilt. I am collecting butterfly embroidery designs for such a project. For a ballerina quilt, you might, in addition to looking for ballerina designs, also look for designs from famous ballets, such as The Nutcracker or Swan Lake.

by cherylgauteng 06 Jan 2015

Have been looking at these for a long time. They are just so cute but you need a granddaughter !!!

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babsie by babsie 08 Jan 2015

They are so adorable.

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by asterixsew Moderator edited 06 Jan 2015

There are 3 lovely ballerinas on UT if you like UT designs. The painted dancer and 2 sugar plums Hope all is going well with you in China

by mpo14011 06 Jan 2015

I have a set of redwork Ballerinas in 2 sizes. I digitised these for a friend who made a quilt and wanted to use these as quilting stitches.
The picture below is the actual scan of the stitch outs.

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pennifold by pennifold 06 Jan 2015

These are gorgeous Ricky! Love Chris

by nonna57 06 Jan 2015

Gosh Terri this is a plea for Help ... 4 times. Hope you find what your looking for :))

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twee by twee 06 Jan 2015

Yes, I am going to be extremely busy once I arrive back in the USA in June, that's why I'm trying to get the ideas lined up and ready to go.

by trovato 06 Jan 2015

she has lots of nice stuf and often 1 dollar prices.
here are also nice things also lots free http://www.kreativekiwiembroidery...

twee by twee 06 Jan 2015

Thanks I'll check it out.

nonna57 by nonna57 06 Jan 2015

Wow for $10 kreative have a stunning set :))

berny by berny 06 Jan 2015

There is a further 25% off and another set free.How good is that

marianb by marianb 07 Jan 2015

You can't beat $7.50 plus a free Set