by debswebster 05 Jan 2015

Hello all Durbanites, I have a friend in need of 3 pairs of chicken eyes to be stitched onto 3 chicken costumes. The dimensions are 16cm x 19cm.Unfirtunately I only have a 10cm x 10cm hoop. Please pm me!!! Thanks.


by toogie 06 Jan 2015

Deb, what about applique a large circle with a smaller circle on top,and emb a tiny dot for the pupil? I have circle designs on my machine. I just saw you want them bigger than your machine can do. You maybe could still applique and zizzag a satin stitch SLOWLY around the circles. You would probably need to temporarily bond them so they wouldn't move/shift while you satin stitched. Just my idea, but may not suit what he wants. Good Luck-Toogie

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debswebster by debswebster 06 Jan 2015

Toogie, you are so right!! I have done a sample in 10x8, so he can actually see the size. And, yes, if all else fails, I can experiment using your advise. Thank you xxx

by debswebster 06 Jan 2015

Thank you katydid and asterixsew, I did suggest felt with buttons, simple solution, but he is set on an embroidered finish. Sigh....

by katydid 05 Jan 2015

Maybe you could use buttons sewed on for eyes. Or cut out felt eyes and glue or sew on. I wish i could help you. Kay

by asterixsew Moderator 05 Jan 2015


by asterixsew Moderator 05 Jan 2015

ttt as help urgently needed