by cutiepie 19 Jun 2008

There was a new member who posted the other day about a site that had porn on it. I know some people thought that she was trying to direct us to it, but after she also showed up on another page I frequent, I got in contact with her and she was in fact trying to warn everyone that the site in question (that seemed to be about embroidery) was in fact a pornography site and to stay away from it. She doesn't speak English, and so her message was a touch garbled, but I want to extend a Thank You to her for trying to help out others.


by marjialexa Moderator 21 Jun 2008

Thanks, Cutiepie, I didn't see the post, but I'm glad you clarified for us. I hope Luis can forgive us for not understanding what she was trying to say. I know that I, like Meganne, am bombarded with sexual spam at my Yahoo e-mail, and I get so tired of it. I guess we can all get one of our 'buttons' pushed when somebody says something we don't quite understand about that nasty side of the internet. I suppose it's a lesson in 'look before you leap' for us here, and another reminder that English is not the first language for all of us. Perhaps we should err on the side of gentleness, till we find out more details on a subject. I'm not guilty this time, but I certainly have been in the past, so my apologies to anyone I might have offended in any way! Marji

by katydid 21 Jun 2008

back to the top

by auntbaba 21 Jun 2008

Bravo to anyone who attempts to speak the English language! Thank-you Luis for trying to let us know about this site.

by wendymay60 21 Jun 2008

Putting this to the top for Luis 777 hoping she will see it

by letvia 20 Jun 2008

I am sorry for the confusion. She came and just wrote something about embroiderytop but wasn't clear. But I think we didn't offended her, we just ask her to be more specific. Her name is luis777. I hope she will be back and join us. Flower and XoXo

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cutiepie by cutiepie 21 Jun 2008

No, she wasn't offended. Just frustrated that she wasn't getting her message across like she wanted to. I'm not sure, but I think that she is now "lurking" around on several embroidery forums like this one.

by mpo14011 20 Jun 2008

I am bringing this back to the top in the hope that, she will see this. Can any one remember what she called herself? Was something like luis77?

by gerryb 19 Jun 2008

Thank you so much for the clarification! This is the ONLY site I join in with any conversation, and was a little upset to see the post...but was also somewhat puzzled as I really didn't understand what she was saying! Goodness, I admire anyone that tries to get anything across in English if that's not their first language! It confuses me and it's all I know! Hopefully she will accept all our apologies & continue to join in!

by katydid 19 Jun 2008

Cutie pie, I also missed it. So glad you could help her Maybe she will come back.

by celticlady1031 19 Jun 2008

I missed it too. It was thoughtful of her to try and warn everyone. It's hard when so many speak english and you don't. I make a point to reread posts to make sure I understand rather than jump to conclusions. Hey I speak english and many wouldn't know it on my bad typing days. Thanks cutiepie and kudos to whoever tried to warn us.

by auntbaba 19 Jun 2008

Darn...I missed it!

by dlonnahawkins 19 Jun 2008

Thank you - I must have missed the post. Sometime we don't understand with the language barriers, but I am so glad that were able to assist her. Thanks Cutiepie

by simplyrosie 19 Jun 2008

Once again, I missed something "to talk about"... lol... oh well, I'm sure there will be something else that comes up down the road here on CUTE. There always is.

by jrob Moderator 19 Jun 2008

I didn't see the post. I feel so bad for her that she was only trying to help and got such a negative response. It certainly isn't the normal Welcome extended here. I hope that she comes back here to see the response to the clarification. Thank you cutiepie for bringing it here. This is a good reminder that being on the internet and typing instead of talking in person leaves out alot of the emotion behind our communications. It is also difficult to communicate totally in a foreign language.

by clawton 19 Jun 2008

Thank you Cutiepie. Good to hear from you again.

by lbrow 19 Jun 2008

Glad U backtracked & cleared that up cutiepie, thanks *4U

by marymoore 19 Jun 2008

i do hope she comes back and takes how sorry everyone is i must have missed that post been busy with dogs

by mpo14011 19 Jun 2008

I am soooo very sorry. Hope she will find it in her heart to forgive.And a very big thank you to her for the warning. Hope she gets to read this.A flower for sorting it out, thank you. Boy, do I feel guilty, now! Ricky.

by colonies1 19 Jun 2008

Yes my thoughts of her weren't good either so please extend my apologies to her also. This internet you really have to be careful. I do hope she understands.A*4U

by meganne 19 Jun 2008

That is such a relief to know, especially since I was probably the most suspicious and outspoken. Thought it did seem very strange to post such a message on the very first day of joining a site, so hopefully we can all be forgiven for being suspicious of her intentions. I am constantly being bombarded by Porn spammers at my yahoo mail addresses and my yahoo7 homepage, which is why i never list my private email here. Please extend to her my sincere apologies and my most humble request for forgiveness. Oh, and thank you for bringing this to our attention. hugs n roses, Meganne

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marjialexa by marjialexa 21 Jun 2008

I agree, Meg, about Yahoo. Gee, I wish they'd quit trying to get me to 'enlarge' something I don't even have one of!!! Just FYI, everybody, I have an e-mail address at, and they really don't seem to have spam, popups, all kinds of crazy ads with dancing people in them. I like the site, and feel pretty safe there. I didn't see Luis's original post, but I'm sure she was indeed frustrated, I'm so sorry for that. Marji

by adelmarie 19 Jun 2008

Thank you for this clarification. *4 you