by suziequee 28 Dec 2014

I have finally resigned myself to the fact that there is no new or used machine in my near future. Just no money here. Too much else needed that's more important. DID I ACTUALLY SAY THAT??????? (Now you all know that I'm totally insane.) But I'm sure going to have a heck of a design library when I get one. I love the daily Christmas things and just got the beautiful little fairy on the designs page.


by manami 30 Dec 2014

Dear Suzie, I'm sorry you are having so many problems with your machines. Positive thoughts in your way. Hugs, Yoriko

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suziequee by suziequee 01 Jan 2015

Thank you.

by Patricia103 29 Dec 2014

Suzie, keep in touch with your embroidery friends. I was offered a machine at a really low price a while back, but as it is a similar level to the one I own, I didn't take the offer up. Maybe someone will be able to pass on a much loved older machine when they upgrade.
I know I am still trying to figure out what to do with my current machine when I upgrade. I am saving madly and will have the money in June 2016.
I know it is a long way a way. But if I didn't plan then I would be pulling my hair out in frustration and that is NOT a good look. A bald embroiderer!

by airyfairy 29 Dec 2014

I am so very sorry. Be positive and you never know what might happen.

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suziequee by suziequee 29 Dec 2014

That thought scares me. First the computer problem, then the machine, what's next.

by cfidl 28 Dec 2014

Where there is a will there is a way. I wish a new machine for you!

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suziequee by suziequee 29 Dec 2014

Keep that thought.

by bevintex 28 Dec 2014

What hobbies did you have before you had your emb machine? You may have to go back and find another creative outlet in the meantime.

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suziequee by suziequee 29 Dec 2014

You mean I had other things to do before embroidery? Amazing. Have to give that some thought.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Dec 2014

As others have said you just don't know what is in the future. My first machine was a gif from a friend of many years standing. It was a super and unexpected surprise. No idea where you live or what is on offer nearby but keep being positive

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suziequee by suziequee 29 Dec 2014

That would be super. But doubt it happening.

by Leaha 28 Dec 2014

Oh...I thought you were suziequee, not insane. Hey give her back, right now! I too am having withdrawal as mine is broken, just don't know how badly or the cost to be fixed. But I can do exactly what you and doing and dream of how pretty they will look, at least to me. Oh I don't mind telling you husband has built me a 'rubber room' just for these kinds of emergencies...I feel a need to go and visit....:P

suziequee by suziequee 29 Dec 2014

May I borrow your room?

Leaha by Leaha 29 Dec 2014

Sue come on over and we'll share it together. :P

Leaha by Leaha 30 Dec 2014

Suppose to read...Sure come on over and we'll share it together.

by noah 28 Dec 2014

Did your machine break ??Or did you never have one????Where in the world do you live??Hugs Carolyn

suziequee by suziequee 29 Dec 2014

It just started acting funny. Then nothing. The tech guy said it wasn't worth fixing. South Florida, USA.

asterixsew by asterixsew 29 Dec 2014

Have you asked another repair / machine shop for a second opinion?

by sdrise 28 Dec 2014

No one knows what will happen in the future... Hang onto hope and I find it comes true. Suzanne

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suziequee by suziequee 28 Dec 2014

Been hanging so long my arms are hurting.

by 02kar Moderator 28 Dec 2014

Kudos to you to look on the positive side of things. Keep adding to your designs and enjoy what you have.

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suziequee by suziequee 28 Dec 2014

I have mega allergies and if I didn't do that, I'd cry and then I'd have an every bigger head ache. I just sit and open the files and make a list of the ones I want to sew. Of course, I have a new list every day.

by dragonflyer 28 Dec 2014

Sorry there won't be a new machine for you soon...but so glad you are able to build your library in the best thing to sewing them out is collecting them!

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suziequee by suziequee 28 Dec 2014

Oh yes. I've had a couple of people ask me what I'm going to do with the designs that I've collected. DUH, dumb question. I'm going to save them! Hopefully one day I can sew some of them.