by almag 27 Dec 2014

To all my Cute Embroidery friends I wish you a Happy Holiday time and much success and happiness in the New Year.

I'm back in Arizona, visiting from South Australia, and I wanted to buy a new ironing board cover for my daughter. I did my research and found so many kinds of covers that I am now completely confused. I wanted to get her a teflon treated cover but now I think that might be a bad choice.
Has anyone any experience in the use of teflon, over silicone treated, ironing board covers or are the same thing. I've done the Google thing but I really need some first-hand experience stories, suggestions or advice from real people. Also if you do have any preference and know where to get what you prefer could you post the URL for me please?


by mi30kaja 27 Dec 2014

Hello Alma, Wondered how you are going. Didn't realise you were in The States. Be thankful as Adelaide is expected to be 41C next Saturday.

by dragonflyer 27 Dec 2014

Hi Alma..I use the Miracle Ironing Board Cover with the Tefflon Shoe for the iron...My first ironing board cover lasted 27 years...and I could have kept using had two or three small fraying spots...two of them I put an iron-on denim patch over...but while at the Road to California quilt show last year..I broke down and got another friends convinced me that after 27 years, it didn't owe me anything...I am still using the same Teflon iron shoe...wouldn't be with out is expensive (at least I thought so), but worth the price...the link to the site is below and the Teflon shoe is under the accessories tab...keep us posted on what you decide on...Happy New Year!

kingmar by kingmar 27 Dec 2014

I was lucky enough to win one several years ago.They are usually at the Rusty Barn show. That will be at the Phoenix fairgrounds the end of January.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 27 Dec 2014

Lucky you...