by asterixsew Moderator 26 Dec 2014

A question that has been asked before but that was a while ago. Please how many of those who digitise here use a tablet like the wacom bamboo & pen graphics tablet? or do they just use the mouse? Thanks for reading and replying


by ladypatty 23 Apr 2015

I use both the pen and mouse on a wacom tablet. I currently am saving to get the wacom cintiq. depends on what I am digitizing

by katydid 25 Mar 2015

looks as if the mouse is the answer! I have the software to do so but no one to help me learn. I use a lap top and never learned to use the mouse. Kay

by basketkase 25 Mar 2015

Love the optical mouse, tried a digi pen and there just isn't the control with that like with a mouse.......

by anssmile 21 Mar 2015


I bought a tablet, but found I struggle to draw my lines continously (I used to draw and paint, and used short strokes at a time.) So my tablet has been used twice, then put back in the cubboard. I find I have more control with my mouse, so I am still using my mouse!


by meganne 29 Dec 2014

I also have a Wacom graphics tablet but found it very tiring and painful having to hold my hand above the screen without touching it so it was back to the mouse for me after only one design.
I use Logitech, wireless, scroll wheel, mice on my pc and both laptops, they were not cheap, but they give many trouble free years of service so well worth the higher price.
hugs n roses, Meganne

by mooie24 28 Dec 2014

its the mouse for me too xx

by mops Moderator 28 Dec 2014

I have a Wacom tablet that came with 3D Sketch when that was first added as an optional module. I have not used it that much as I am so accustomed to the mouse, I maybe should have practised a bit more. And I hardly use Sketch either.

by manami 27 Dec 2014

Hi Caroline-san, I use graphics tablet, as it is easy for me to draw with it.
Hugs, Yoriko

by lovetoostitch 27 Dec 2014

Definitely the mouse for me. My software needs both left and right clicks that give me the precise results I require, so I have never tried my graphics tablet. Also I don't find the graphics tablet that easy to use!

by lique 27 Dec 2014

I have a tablet but have not got the hang of it. So I use my mouse.

by spendlove Moderator 27 Dec 2014

I do have a graphics tablet, but I haven't even tried it for digitising as I find it clumsy to use.

by ksgram1 27 Dec 2014

Just the mouse for me. I found the pen for the table to be difficult to use.

by stock 27 Dec 2014

just the mouse

by dragonflyer 26 Dec 2014

...just the mouse for me..