by baldacchino 26 Dec 2014

Hi Cuties , I have just got over a hip replacement, and doing well, playing with the grand kids over Christmas and having a good time , next is my lift shoulder which I am having done end of February, then I will be the Bionic Lady No stopping me then , I have a lovely Husband that is doing every thing in house , cleaning, washing clothes and even cooking, he is a keeper none him 43 years Ha Ha and he still makes me laugh, well it is the quality of life not quantity , he will have to help me with my sewing stuff when I have my shoulder done but that's life sharing things , chin up , L Sherene X


by sdrise 01 Jan 2015

Glad you are doing better. !! The shoulder willbe much better.. Suzanne

by Patricia109 31 Dec 2014

Oh good, read below that you will be in a sling for weeks. That is good, you appear to be having the lowest level of surgery. Get a long pillow or one of those V shaped ones to help you sleep after the op. The arm will need supporting so that you don't hurt the newly operated on shoulder.
Sorry to say, cuddling in bed will be reduced on your return home.
Plenty of experience, DH has had 4 shoulder ops and the last seems to have been the best. The first two were experimental ones whilst in the Army.
He also has a small pillow on his lounge chair to support the forearm - but that need will depend on your height in the chair.
Follow your surgeons plan for your recovery and make sure that the physio is experienced in shoulders. Not all are..
DH loved the hydrotherapy.
Good luck

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baldacchino by baldacchino 03 Jan 2015

Thank you very much for the kind words I will get one of those pillows V shape pillows, I am having trouble sleeping now, so of I go to spotlight , may hobby recons have shares in that store HA HA HA I wish L Sherene X

by lbrow 29 Dec 2014

Sounds like you and hubby have it all under control and this is great. wishing you the very best in the coming yr/Lillian

by baldacchino 29 Dec 2014

Tank you all for your kind comments, I am keeping my chin up, and a every Happy New Year to you all L Sherene X

by cfidl 27 Dec 2014

Well that explains it! Bionic sounds great to me! Good to hear you have good laughter in your life. Let us know how and when your next surgery goes. and Best wishes in the new year!

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baldacchino by baldacchino 29 Dec 2014

Thank you I will let you know

by 02kar Moderator 26 Dec 2014

Yea! I am so glad you are doing better and your handsome hubby is taking good care of you. I hope all goes well with the shoulder surgery. Be sure to take your pain pills.

by gerryb 26 Dec 2014

Good for you!! After both hips, both knees & a shoulder I can do so many things I couldn't! Please listen to your physical therapist & do ALL he/she says with that shoulder! Won't kid you...the hip doesn't hurt as much as the shoulder...but so worth it in the end. Keep remembering that! And tell that man how much you love him every day! He has no clue what all he's gonna have to do for you for a month or so!

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baldacchino by baldacchino 29 Dec 2014

Thank you I have been told the shoulder is very pain full but I will listen to the therapist the shoulder has to be in a sling for weeks, I am a 63 year old ( in my mind I am 32 ) it's the body that's not working but my mind is , I am going on a Big Cruise after I get over the op so have to do a lot of sewing when I a fit ?????

by noah 26 Dec 2014

So glad to hear from you :);)Yes you have a keeper of a man for sure hugs Carolyn

by Leaha 26 Dec 2014

Wow you really will be a bionic woman. Hope you heal quickly and without any complications so we can see what this New Bionic Woman creates. Husband sounds like a real treasure.

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baldacchino by baldacchino 29 Dec 2014

No one is like my man I tell him I love him every Day

by pldc 26 Dec 2014

I am happy that you are coming together health wise Sherene & glad that you have hubby to help you along the way. Hubs are the best!~hugs~