by joann1 26 Dec 2014

Are you suppose to keep the EDR fills if they are in your design fill and why?


by rescuer Moderator 26 Dec 2014

This should help explain it for you.
Because I keep all my zip files in a separate folder, I do keep the edr files.

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joann1 by joann1 26 Dec 2014

Thank you

lbrow by lbrow 26 Dec 2014

You are so very smart my dear/Lillian

by dididwiar 26 Dec 2014

I don't keep them!! Here is an explanation that I found..

The EDR file type is primarily associated with 'Embird Plus' by Embird. Embroidery design software. The EDR file contains the color palette for Embird Plus (colors are stored in this file when displaying embroidery designs).

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joann1 by joann1 26 Dec 2014

Thank you