by softhearted1 21 Dec 2014

It's been a long time since I posted here, over a year it seems. I had brain stem tumour removed a year ago and haven't been sewing since. My sewing loft is located upstairs as well as my main computer but I have been peeking in and browsing with my tablet. Got good news on my last checkup. The tumour has stopped the slow growth that it was showing following surgery. YAY what a wonderful and blessed Christmas present for me. Thank God.

I have family coming for Christmas dinner and they have threatened to hide my new walker from me if I try to do too much over the holidays. LOL, they know me too well.
I just wanted to take a moment and wish all the cuties a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas. May your holidays be as blessed and thankful as mine. Thank you all for the many wonderful projects you have all shared this last year. They have kept me busy browsing (drooling many times. Hopefully I will be able to start soon sharing projects as well. Merry Christmas! ~ Charlotte


by pldc 23 Dec 2014

Charlotte I am happy that you have received this wonderful news! It must be quite a load off your mind (No pun intended) Now you can get on with the process of recovering. Remember what I said REST as MUCH AS YOU CAN! Your brain needs this rest to heal so the pain is less for you. My prayers for you are being answered! A Very Merry Christmas to You & Yours! & A full & Healthy New Year!~hugs~

by toet 23 Dec 2014

You are a very brave lady, I wish you good health.

by holly12 23 Dec 2014

So glad to hear the good news. P;ease take care of your self and have a Merry Christmas & a Healthy Happy New Year. Arlene

by marysew11000 22 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas ..Praying for the best years yet to come

by noah 22 Dec 2014

May God continue to heal you in 2015 thanks for dropping in and letting us know how you are .I will now pray for you my friend hugs Carolyn

by jrob Moderator 22 Dec 2014

Charlotte, what wonderful news you have received. I'm thankful! It's good to see you check in. Let your family repay all of your love and kindness over the years just for now, and next year it's your show again. :)

by toogie 22 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas to you too, Charlotte, and wishing you a healthy Happy New Year! I am so thankful for your good news. May the Lord continue to bless you. -Toogie

by sdrise 22 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too. glad you are doing better!Suzanne

by heleninca 22 Dec 2014

Thank the Lord for the good news. Please try and realize you should only do half of what you think you can do. Let some inactivity help you heel. Merry Christmas.

by clawton 22 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy their visit.

by cfidl 22 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas to you and your family Charlotte. It is heart warming reading your message, God Bless!

by dragonflyer 22 Dec 2014

Hi Charlotte and welcome glad you have had good news, especially at Christmastime...glad you are feeling better and glad you were peeking in over the past year...stay strong and we will all pray for a fast and full recovery...Hugs!

by aleene 22 Dec 2014

We have heard good news again, Welcome back! We have seen so many good things happen here on this site of praying for each other, May our year 2015 be as productive.

by lbrow 22 Dec 2014

Charlotte, God bless You! I know this has to be a wonderful Christmas for you. Welcome back and hope to start seeing you often. I simply give God the Glory for all He's done for all my family of cuties. We are all truly blessed. Merry Christmas to you and yours/Lillian

by spendlove Moderator 22 Dec 2014

Welcome back!

by marianb 22 Dec 2014

Welcome back!! Wonderful news. Have a Merry Christmas with all your family around, and remember you spent all those years looking after them it's now their time to spoil you so sit back and enjoy.. Marian

by Patricia109 22 Dec 2014

Charlotte, Merry Christmas. Hopefully you will find the energy to make yourself a couple of nicely embroidered bags for your walker.
Doing is good, glad to hear that you have been able to tackle those stairs to your sewing loft during the last year to lurk in the background. It is a good place to lurk.
Merry Christmas and may next be fabulous for you.

by gerryb 21 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas to you!! God is good!! Hang in there, do what you're supposed to & you'll be posting projects before you know it!

by pennifold 21 Dec 2014

Wow Charlotte, that is brilliant news. God is good, all the time. Looking forward to seeing some of your Projects in 2015. May you have a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends, fun and laughter. May joy, peace, love and comfort surround you at all times. Love Chris

by katydid 21 Dec 2014

So glad you are back and will pray for your full recovery. Keep us informed! love and many hugs, Kay

by crafter2243 Moderator 21 Dec 2014

Charlotte I am so glad that you received a early Christmas gift. Enjoy the holidays and hopefully you can get back sewing pretty soon and.....listen to your family and do not overdue it.

by mi30kaja 21 Dec 2014

Glad to see you back again. I am having an MRI on Wed and I am hoping my problem is not the same.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 21 Dec 2014

I will keep you in my prayer. May the answer be a good one.

softhearted1 by softhearted1 21 Dec 2014

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well that the news will be good. Hugs, ~Charlotte

jrob by jrob 22 Dec 2014

Praying for you, too, Lyn

toet by toet edited 23 Dec 2014

My thoughts are with you , I hope all is well on Wednesday.

pldc by pldc 23 Dec 2014

Keeping you in my prayers too that Wednesday gives you answers that are positive!~hugs~

by 02kar Moderator 21 Dec 2014

I'm so glad you have been able to visit us here at Cute during this very tough year. I wish you had let us know what was going on so we could pray for you, but I am glad you are here and letting us know the good news. Enjoy being with your family and let them show you how much they love you. Be the Princess they want you to be.

by graceandham 21 Dec 2014

Good news is always welcome but means even more attached to Christmas. Glad you've stuck with us and hope you are soon stitching away again.

by manami 21 Dec 2014

Wonderful news Charlotte. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.

by Zinobia 21 Dec 2014

Hi Charlotte, it is nice to know that you have recovered and you were keeping track of happenings here. Wish you merry Christmas and lots of happy time embroidering and creating new things.

by Leaha 21 Dec 2014

A very wonderful miracle in this season of miracles. Merry Christmas to you and yours...sounds like you'd better behave! Let them fuss over you as this is their way of showing thanksgiving for your return to good health and having you around.

by olds 21 Dec 2014

Charlotte-Happy for your good news. I got good news July 31 after a
mammogram. I came home and someone had put this on Cutie.
I typed it in my computer right then and stitched it out. I can see it
from my computer and sewing machine. It gives me a calm and peaceful
feeling everytime I read it. Dear God
I don't want to ask you for anything...
I just want to thank you for all your blessings!
Enjoy Christmas with your family.

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pldc by pldc 23 Dec 2014

wonderful prayer Maureen! A good reminder for me as well

by ktk9 21 Dec 2014

It's hard to imagine there is anything good to be found in bad health or illness, but there really is, if you search: 1. You get to examine and re-order your priorities. 2. You can eliminate all the unnecessaries and/or the things you don't like. 3. You don't have to feel guilty!

Wishing you many blessings now and each day of the new year, JB

by asterixsew Moderator 21 Dec 2014

Charlotte its good to hear from you again but it sounds as if the last year has been a tough one. Glad to hear that there is a improvement in your health. Happy Christmas to you too and a much improved 2015

by rescuer Moderator 21 Dec 2014

Wonderful Christmas news! I do hope you will be stitching very soon!

by nonna57 21 Dec 2014

Charlotte, I am sorry i didnt know you were sick, Glad to hear you are up and running "with your walker" . Keep on progressing . Looking forward to seeing yours first project for 2015..Wishing you Seasons Greetings and a Happy New year. Cyber Hugs . Pauline ....Sydney Australia