by cathiejones 21 Dec 2014


Question 1:
I am looking for a course to learn more about digitizing with embird.
I came across this website: run by Philip Viljoen.
Did anyone bought his tutorials ? What did you think ?
Or could you advice me some other tutorials, please ?

Question 2:
I even considered following a course of digitizing, in the Uk/Oxforshire, but I didn’t found anything as specialised as digitising.
Any advice would be welcome.
Thank you and merry christmas
Cathie Jones


by nutshell 12 Aug 2015

He also offers courses on Udemy. If you sign up for a Udemy account (free), you can see brief previews of his videos. That might help you decide if his teaching style works for you. :-)

by mops Moderator 22 Dec 2014

I started by watching the free tutorials that Embird offers on their website. As Meganne praised the tutorials by Kathy Jones so much I bought a few of her lessons in the past, but did not find anything I had not already learned from the Embird ones. But if you want to follow a design from start to finish in one go, then Kathy's are nice. As are the free ones at Clipartopolis, among them two by Kathy.

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cathiejones by cathiejones 24 Dec 2014

Thank you very much Mops for your advices.

by meganne 21 Dec 2014

Cathiejones meet Kathy Jones, Flying Needle Machine Embroidery.
There is no one better qualified, or whose comprehensive tutorials (to learn about digitising using Embird) are more reasonably priced, than Kathy's. Sadly she is closing her Yahoo group but she still has many of her wonderful tutorials available from her website.
Hugs n roses, Meganne (Melide Menschen Designs)

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cathiejones by cathiejones 21 Dec 2014

Thank you so very much Meganne. I will have a look straight away !