by drh2276 19 Dec 2014

I made this for my daughter as she has a Pomeranian. I got the frame ITH Design from Chantell's Creations, and the Pom from Ace Points, Dogs set. I recolored the Pom from golden colors to black, to look like my daughter's Pom. It turned out pretty nice, I think.


by kalamazoo 24 Dec 2014

This is beautiful!

by cfidl 22 Dec 2014

I love this frame and it looks adorable with the pooch. Excellent design and stitching. she will love it!

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drh2276 by drh2276 22 Dec 2014

Thank you so much, she did!

by sewgroupie 22 Dec 2014

uh, this really isn't the Chantell set I have.... my frame is in one piece, not in several pieces. My mistake. Suz

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drh2276 by drh2276 22 Dec 2014

This one came from the Picture Frames_Hot Pads Set. I didn't know she had one that was all in one piece. I like this one because it is a bigger size than what I can do in one piece on my machine :)

by sewgroupie 22 Dec 2014

O my gosh! I have this frame from Chantell ((love her designs) but I never thought of doing something like this. It is so TASTEFUL!


by joanne8125 20 Dec 2014

This is sooo cute, she will just love it.

by dragonflyer 20 Dec 2014

Nicely done...she will love it!

by Shyamala 20 Dec 2014

Its so lovely....the frame and dog. Neat work....the joins are perfect. Thanks for sharing.

by toogie 20 Dec 2014

This is nice and a lot of work. I can see the ITH frame pieces,barely. Tell me please, or show me how the back is done for hanging. I am assuming it is for the wall?

drh2276 by drh2276 20 Dec 2014

I already gave this to her, but I made the backing in all white material, just like you would in regular applique or in the hoop pieces. The pattern didn't give any directions on putting a loop on the back to hang, but the next one I do I'm going to try to include a loop on it. Thanks!

sewgroupie by sewgroupie 22 Dec 2014

Chantell suggests the hanger should be placed on the batting before you sew the batting down. When trimming the fabrics later, watch that you don't cut off the hanger! As how I know.....

by Lilas 19 Dec 2014

Love it

by mi30kaja 19 Dec 2014

She will love it.

by loosie 19 Dec 2014

Cute :)

by sonjapotgieter 19 Dec 2014

It is Awesome..Love it....

by pldc 19 Dec 2014

wow nicely done ~hugs~

by sdrise 19 Dec 2014

Great job and wonderful framming too. I think she will love it! Suzanne

by jenne 19 Dec 2014

lovely both dog and frame.

by lidiad 19 Dec 2014

Love that frame and the dog is so cute!
Hugs, Lidia

by pennifold 19 Dec 2014

Very pretty, love Chris

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Dec 2014

This is more than 'pretty nice' its beautiful and I am sure your daughter will love it

by marianb 19 Dec 2014

Very nice portrait..

by harleysville 19 Dec 2014

Love this. Great colors and fabric choices.

by baydreamer 19 Dec 2014

Oh she will love this !

by highlandermom 19 Dec 2014

Very pretty!

by stock 19 Dec 2014

this is lovely, the frame is terrific, 6 pieces how big is it...wendy

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drh2276 by drh2276 19 Dec 2014

Thank you, it's about 14" in length and 10" wide.