by radmom 18 Dec 2014

2 years ago I got a mini sewing kit from Penny at A Design in Stitches. I'm finally getting around to making this for my daughter. My problem is this: Although I have the written directions, I cannot open the picture instructions which the written refer to. I can't seem to find A Design in Stitches anywhere. Does anyone know if that site is even valid anymore? Please help! I need to get this finished before my daughter comes home this weekend from college. Thank you for any help!


by radmom 04 Jan 2015

I managed to figure out how to make the sewing kit from the written directions. Unfortunately, I can't get pictures to load.

by bevintex 18 Dec 2014

it's now called unlimited stitching, I think this is the same one

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radmom by radmom 18 Dec 2014

It's similar. I think the Penny there is the same as from a design in stitches. I e-mailed her, and hopefully I'll get an answer soon. Thank you for your help!