by olds 18 Dec 2014

Fast forward to Christmas 2015. We just has a Christmas dinner Dec. 14, 2014. The subject came up in thinking to

gone by Christmases. My Mother In Law -named Grace was a very gracious hostess who enjoyed nothing more
than serving many guests. After many dinners came the
clean up and she always would say-"Many hands make
light work". I would like to embroider this on a dishtowel
with many hands done in an outline stitch. I guess you
could say I'm looking for hands. I would like to do a
dozen to give out next Christmas to the younger generation after dinner. Maybe if I start in Jan. I could
be finished by Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays-Maureen


by Patricia109 18 Dec 2014

What a great idea and if you do suggest it to Embroidery Library as suggested below and they do produce "A many hands makes light work" embroidery please let us know, just in case we miss the email from them. :-)

by mranderson 18 Dec 2014

Great idea. This has bought back a memory for me. Many years ago when our kids were young I put my hand on the light switch and got them to put their hands one by one on top of mine. I turned the light on then I said "many hands make light work". I think they got the message. LOL. Hugs Marg

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greysewist by greysewist 24 Dec 2014

Now wouldn't that also make a fun embroidery design -might be a job for Vicki????

by graceandham 18 Dec 2014

Wonderful idea!

by bowlds 18 Dec 2014

here is a hand design, free
I also think Sew forum has some.

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olds by olds 18 Dec 2014

Thanks- I got the one from bfc.

by susiesembroidery 18 Dec 2014

What a wonderful gift idea.

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olds by olds 18 Dec 2014

Thanks I just need to find the right hands.

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by Leaha edited 18 Dec 2014

Beautiful idea, will love to see what you create or have created. When I first read this I thought I'd missed out on this year! :P

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olds by olds 18 Dec 2014

Thanks I hope I get it all worked out for next year.

by queenbanana 18 Dec 2014

beautiful and thoughtful idea

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by clawton 18 Dec 2014

What a nice thing to do. Great ideal!

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by baydreamer 18 Dec 2014

You could make a request to Embroidery Library ! What I think would look good is , a large hand and inside it a smaller hand and so forth! It would have the feeling of generations. Good luck

olds by olds 18 Dec 2014

This sounds like a winner. Thanks

Leaha by Leaha 18 Dec 2014

I really like this idea!

gerryb by gerryb 18 Dec 2014

I hope you do send a request to EmbLib! Maybe it will be chosen as the requested one along with your reason! Give it a try!! We will all watch for it!

by dragonflyer 18 Dec 2014

Sounds like a lovely gift to all of the youngins'

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