by lhart 13 Dec 2014

My DH made the doll bed with the trundle bed underneath for an 18" doll and I made the bedding, pj's and slippers. The doll quilt embroidery is from Emb. Library. I even made pillow cases for the pillows. My GD is 7 and loves her dolls. Thanks for looking


by emanuille 15 Dec 2014

so cute

by sdrise 15 Dec 2014

So adorable and hubby is so talented too! Suzanne

by lidiad 15 Dec 2014

What a great gift you two have done for your granddaughter. Everything is beautifully made and the slippers are adorable. She will be thrilled.
Hugs, Lidia

by shuede 14 Dec 2014

This is very similar to what my daughter asked for, and she is eight. It is sure to bring many hours of enjoyment and many smiles! Great job!!

by Leaha 13 Dec 2014

These are wonderful for the young lady, she will hours of fun using these dreamy items. Really love the bed.

by ashta 13 Dec 2014

So sweet! You and your husband did a wonderful job! I'm working on a quilt, pillowcase, and sheets for a doll bed (not as fabulous as this one) I picked up at a garage sale this summer. Like you, it's for my GD and her 18" doll :)

by babash 13 Dec 2014

That is lovely. What thread did you use on the embroidery it shines so bright.

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lhart by lhart 14 Dec 2014

I purchase my thread from Metro Threads, Gammut and Designs by Sic, I think they are polyester embroidery threads. Thanks for your comments.

by buffy1 13 Dec 2014

so very cute She will love it!

by highlandermom 13 Dec 2014

This is a little girls treasure dream for sure. I love every piece you have here. You and hubby are a super team.

by designgirl 13 Dec 2014

WOW, I am impressed. You two work well together. Everything is great , I really love the bunny slippers. Your Granddaughter will love the whole ensemble.

by noah 13 Dec 2014

Awesome work love
it hugs

by clawton 13 Dec 2014


by pennifold 13 Dec 2014

Wow! What a lot of work and it all looks fantastic. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 13 Dec 2014

Stunning!!!What a great task you have done...Well done

by baydreamer 13 Dec 2014

Oh this is just outstanding! Your GD is going to be over the moon with this great gift! Team work at it's best !

by NancyBT10 13 Dec 2014

Amazing! You and your husband could go into business making these doll beds, linens, clothes and those adorable bunny slippers are just too cute! Great job you guys!

by pldc 13 Dec 2014

oh wow just wonderful job to the both of you! ~hugs~

by devon 13 Dec 2014

very cute well done

by loosie 13 Dec 2014

One lucky little girl :)

by michemb 13 Dec 2014

this is so sweet, one happy little girl will have lots of fun time with this
great job

by toogie 13 Dec 2014

This is the most sweetest gift! You both have done, an excellent job, with your projects. I saved this top photo for future. My youngest grand baby loves her dolls too. When they build their house and have more room, she may get this one christmas. Just love it!

lhart by lhart 13 Dec 2014

Thank you, we had such fun making all the items.

lhart by lhart 13 Dec 2014

I forgot to mention that the bed plans are from the web,