by sewist1 08 Dec 2014

Just wondering if anyone finds the Secrets of Embroidery site with all the moving pictures gives them a headache? I used to enjoy browsing all the designs but now find I can't stay on there very long as I feel I am getting motion sickness.


by oldtimer992005 10 Dec 2014

hi i agree with you all. also i find that there are some websites that the designs keep changing all the time as you browse. i also find this confusing. that is why i do not do some of the hunts,eyes get sore and sometimes i get headaches.

by cfidl 10 Dec 2014

I have always had trouble with the moving images. You are not alone!

by NancyBT10 10 Dec 2014

LOL, so glad it isn't just me that can't stand the moving pictures! I find myself holding up a magazine or whatever to hide that side of the page! I very seldom go to their site anymore.

by sewist1 09 Dec 2014

I actually contacted them and had a reply thanking me for the feedback and they said they would pass it on to their website developers. Maybe if others also give feedback them through the contact button on the website it will let them know it is not just one person affected by it.

by noah 09 Dec 2014

I don't like that either so i move that part up on my screen were i can't see it :(:(

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sewist1 by sewist1 09 Dec 2014

Trouble is it is the new designs which are travelling across the page.

by pennyhal2 09 Dec 2014

Yes. It triggers migraines if I look at it too long.

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sewist1 by sewist1 09 Dec 2014

Yes I started to feel a migraine wasn't far away.

by sdrise 09 Dec 2014

I find it difficult to look at things moving all over the place too. I suffer from menieres disease of my ear. Suzanne

by jrob Moderator 09 Dec 2014

I'm sorry, I know that isn't funny and must be terribly unsettling, but when I clicked here to answer, there was an ad on the side of an animated bladder bouncing up and down advertising a medicine for overactive bladder. Now since I typed those words, you may be able to see it too, but don't fall off your chair.

by carolpountney 09 Dec 2014

Yes I agree and then something happens with my computer and it races to the bottom of the page and races up again and I see nothing

by mrskiki 09 Dec 2014

Yes, I agree they need to stop all the movement. Hugs. Nan W